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Wiley University Launches Tech-Focused Learning Initiative

Jun 24, 2024

Wiley University Launches Tech-Focused Learning Initiative, Placing New iPads in the Hands of Every Student This Fall


MARSHALL,Texas - Wiley University announces the launch of the iWiley Digital Initiative - a groundbreaking technology-focused learning program that will provide every Wiley University student with an Apple iPad, opening opportunities to earn new certificates and badges while transforming the classroom environment with improved technology for student learning. As part of their enrollment, Wiley University students will receive their iWiley Technology Bundle as they start the 2024 fall semester on August 5th. 

Included in the iWiley Technology Bundle is an Apple iPad 10th Gen, Magic Keyboard Folio, Apple pencil and additional accessories - designed to take learning to the next level. This investment affords each student a new digital learning experience that includes digital textbooks and other course-related materials - all significantly decreasing the financial burden of Wiley University students. 

“Not only are we providing students with a device to help reduce the digital divide, we are also transforming the campus environment to increase connection to learning,” said 17th President and CEO of Wiley University Herman J. Felton, Jr., PH.D., J.D. 

“In addition to these devices creating more accessibility to textbooks and course-related materials, we are excited to experiment with how our faculty will use digital apps to design new learning experiences for optimal engagement.  We believe this investment will help to level the learning field for all of our students, and continue to address disparities regardless of college preparedness, socioeconomic background or financial limitations.”

Additionally, select faculty and staff will receive the iWiley Technology Bundle as well. Wiley University faculty will now be able to build their courses and engage with students around these devices, integrating new and innovative online components into their curriculum and the traditional classroom experience.

As a Historically Black College and University (HBCU), Wiley University’s digitization of students’ learning experiences furthers the mission of continuously improving the preparation of our graduates for success in today’s tech-driven society.

The iWiley Digital Initiative not only increases accessibility to cutting-edge digital resources, but also fosters a dynamic learning environment where collaboration and innovation will thrive. This initiative revolutionizes our academic enterprise to meet students’ learning needs and inspire their continued achievement.

Walkterrius Nelson, junior business management major and IT student intern at Wiley University, is looking forward to receiving his iWiley Technology Bundle

 “The use of these devices is a new way for professors to engage and support our learning. I’m so excited for this new opportunity to come to Wiley University,” said Nelson. 

“In addition to the classroom experience, because I am involved in several extracurricular activities on campus, an iPad will help me complete my work more efficiently while representing the school as a student leader.” 

For more information about the iWiley Digital Initiative, and to learn how you can support this innovative program - please contact Assistant Vice President of Public Relations, Marketing and Communications Marlee Archer at communications@wileyc.edu, or visit www.wileyc.edu.


About Wiley University:

Wiley University, formerly known as Wiley College, is a premier liberal arts institution affiliated with the United Methodist Church, with an intentional focus on social good and leadership.