Marketing & Communications

The Department of Marketing & Communications provides strategic services to campus partners to advance the University’s branding, recruitment, and retention goals.

Brand Guidelines (2023 Edition)

Our brand guide provides a roadmap to ensure correct and consistent use of these elements as we communicate the tell the story of Wiley.

Project Requests

All projects are subject to review and will be considered based on the following factors:

  1. Is the project mission critical?

  2. Does the project support a One Wiley strategic priority?

  3. What is the visibility, reach, and longevity of the project?

  4. Timeliness: Advanced notice allows for better planning, product, and marketing. Projects with larger scope require more advanced notice—projects with less than a 2-week notice risk automatic denial.

Marketing & Communications reserves the right to accept, alter or deny requests based on the project’s scope, strategic impact, and staff resources. Completing a request form does not guarantee that your project will be accepted.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Service Level Agreement (SLA) or turnaround time is a set expectation between the Marketing & Communications and internal/external clients that details when the products or services are expected to be delivered.

SLAs will be determined based on the scope of the project. The designated point of contact is expected to provide prompt and timely feedback. Failure to do so may result in project delays or reprioritization.
There is a minimum 14 Day project request SLA, meaning our department can not honor same-day project deliveries. Please allow sufficient time for projects to be completed. The complexity and timing of the project will affect the time of completion. Additional time may be required and indicated at the time of requests. Below are the current SLA for specific projects:

  • Advertisement (14 days)

  • Flyer (14 days)

  • Postcard/Direct Mail (14 days)

  • Poster (14 days)

  • Signage (14 days)

  • Headshots/Photography (14 days)

  • Brochure (30 days)

  • Website Alternations (30 days)

  • Program Booklet (60 days)

Important Information

Please use the form to request the development of any new marketing and communications materials and update existing ones. All fields on this form should be completed as fully as possible. This will help our team determine the level of support/resources and type of communication needed for your project and the priority for your project compared to other current projects.

To submit a marketing/communications request, fill out the form.  Any request that is not submitted through this portal can not be honored until a formal request is submitted.

Fill out a Project Request Form here

Please use the form to request the development of any new department/office brand marks and update existing ones. All fields on this form should be completed as fully as possible. This will help our team prioritize your project and deliver it accordingly.

Please fill out this form completely to ensure that the Marketing and Communications department receives and understands your request.

The MARKS must not be altered or re-created in any way. Additional configurations are not permitted.

Department/Office Brand mark Request Form here

Social Media accounts must be created and registered in coordination with the Marketing and Communications department. Marketing and Communications retain the authority of usernames and passwords and all rights to deactivate any college unit account that violates this policy.

To register your department/office social media account, please read the social media guideline within the brand guidelines and fill out the form. 

Register your Department/Office Social Media Account

The brand of Wiley University can "Go forth Inspired." because of people like you.

As members of the Wiley family, We are all brand managers and play a crucial role in developing and strengthening the Wiley brand effectively.

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