Office of Student Achievement and Retention

(OSAR):  Office of Student Achievement and Retention

The mission of the Office of Student Achievement is to provide academic support through intrusive advising, tutorial services, resources and collaborations with administration and faculty members.  The office seeks to inspire, challenge, and empower students from a diverse and disadvantaged background by providing enhanced academics and supportive services necessary for their retention and ultimate graduation.

Best practices share that creating a comprehensive student success that includes student support activities as tutorial services, academic support workshops, academic and social advising, early alert interventions, academic coaching, and the physical space.  

(OSAR) Support Services: 

Academic Support Workshops/Tutoring 

The Office of Student Achievement and Retention engages the entire student population through Success Workshops to strengthen their skills for academic success and career readiness.

Free tutoring is offered in a one-on-one or group setting, with peer tutors for all students wanting to improve in their academic studies in the OSAR Learning Center.  Students can take advantage of these free services for courses such as English, foreign languages, math, and the sciences.

Contact person for tutoring and support workshops:
Ms. Erinne Weber 
Executive Director for Student Achievement & Retention 
Phone: 903-923-2466                                          

(OSCAR) Support Services: 


OSAR is responsible for advising, registration, tracking, and monitoring the academic progress of freshmen and sophomore students who have earned up to 59 credit hours. The OSAR is responsible for advising, registering, tracking, and monitoring the academic progress of freshmen and sophomore students.  Note: JRs/SRs are advised and registered by faculty in their degree program.   

The ultimate responsibility of an academic advisor at Wiley University is to help guide students with selecting course offerings and identifying campus resources that will create a positive learning experience at Wiley.  Academic advising tailors to each individual's unique needs and academic and career aspirations. A degree plan for graduation will be created and updated with the academic advisor. Students must meet with the academic advisor at least two times each semester to discuss individualized degree plans and progress toward degree completion; pre-registration for the upcoming term.  Thru academic advising, students will be closely monitored for warnings of academic difficulty, and immediate interventions will be provided. The advisor will also monitor the participants’ academic progress and provide intrusive advisement to help students persist in their programs of study.

Contact person for academic advising: 
Mr. Quebec Polk
Associate Director for Student Achievement and Retention