What is a Refund?

A credit balance created from total charges minus your financial aid/ loan payments, overpayments and/or account adjustments.

Refunds caused by financial aid and loan payments are issued after the initial disbursement of financial aid. Refunds are processed continually during the semester as aid is credited to the student account.

NOTE: A refund does not guarantee that you will not have a balance due on your account. Subsequent charges or changes to your account may render a balance due after a refund is issued.

How/When do I receive my Refund?

Federal regulations require the University to disburse credit balances 14 days after the credit is recorded on the student’s account. Funds from Stafford Loans (including Plus Loans) cannot be credited to your account until all necessary paperwork is completed and submitted. Refunds are processed each week and are available for pickup after being notified by the Cashier. Credit balances resulting from PLUS loans that are payable to the Parent borrower will be sent to the address on record, all other credit balances are payable to the student. A student ID card must be shown each time to receive a refund check. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS!!

The Tuition Refund Policy associated with withdrawal schedules.

If a student withdraws or otherwise is separated from the University prior to the beginning of a term, a full refund for the term will be made, subject to the exclusions for non-refundable amounts. After a term has started, a withdrawal requires the completion of a withdrawal form, which is signed by the student and submitted to the Registrars Office.

Eligibility for credit to the student account is measured according to the effective date of the withdrawal. If a student withdraws or is separated from the University for any reason other than a medical disability after the start of the term, a credit will be made to his or her account according to the following schedule;

Withdrawal before 5pm on the Friday of the first week of scheduled class – 75%
Withdrawal before 5pm on the Friday of the second week of scheduled class – 50%
Withdrawal after 5pm on the Friday of the Second Week of Scheduled class – 0%