University Leadership Initiatives

At Wiley University, we recognize that leadership isn't just a title or a position—it's a journey of personal and collective growth that has the power to shape our institution and the world around us. That's why we've established University Leadership Initiatives.
Why We Do the Work

University Leadership Initiatives are committed to empowering individuals at all levels of the university community to unlock their leadership potential, cultivate essential skills, and drive positive change in their spheres of influence. Through tailored Initiatives, workshops, and events, we aim to inspire, educate, and equip our stakeholders to lead with integrity, compassion, and innovation.

What We Offer

  • Comprehensive Leadership Development: Our department offers a diverse range of leadership development Initiatives designed to meet the unique needs and interests of faculty, staff, and students. From workshops and seminars to experiential learning opportunities and mentorship Initiatives, we provide resources and support to help individuals thrive as leaders in their academic, professional, and personal lives.

  • Strategic Planning and Consultation: University Leadership Initiatives partners with academic and administrative units across the university to develop and implement strategic leadership initiatives aligned with institutional goals and priorities. Whether it's designing a leadership curriculum, facilitating team-building exercises, or conducting needs assessments, our team provides expert guidance and support to help departments and Initiatives achieve their leadership development objectives.

  • Community Engagement and Networking: We believe in the power of community to drive meaningful change. That's why University Leadership Initiatives organizes a variety of networking events, roundtable discussions, and collaborative projects to foster connections and promote collaboration among leaders from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. By creating opportunities for dialogue, exchange, and collaboration, we aim to build a stronger, more cohesive university community.

  • Our vision for University Leadership Initiatives is one of empowerment, innovation, and impact. We envision a future where every member of the Wiley University community is equipped with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to lead with purpose and make a positive difference in the world. Through our Initiatives and initiatives, we aspire to cultivate a generation of ethical, compassionate, and visionary leaders who are committed to advancing the university's mission of excellence, social good, and leadership.


  • 2015 Higher Education Learning Institute Foundation | Inspire Learning Institute        

  • 2024 REVIVAL Leadership Summit 

  • 2024 WU Leadership Lab

  • 2024 Leader’s Roundtable 

  •  2024 Leadership Challenge of the Week 

  • 2024 Legacy Leadership Awards                        

  • 2024 Wildcat Leadership Lab- Students                           

  • 2024 Catalyst Conversations Speaker Series - Students                            

  • 2024 L3 – Learning | Leading | Legacy Roundtable – Students                                      

  • 2024 Inspired2Lead Scholarship – Students                               

  • Learning. Leadership. Legacy                                    

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Revival Leadership Summit

Modality: In Person                                                                                    

Cadence: Annual (May)

"Revival" at Wiley University envisions a dynamic and inclusive leadership development initiative that ignites a transformative spirit across every level of our institution. Rooted in our university's commitment to liberal arts education and guided by the principles of the United Methodist Church, "Revival" aims to cultivate a new generation of leaders who are deeply connected to the values of social good and dedicated to fostering positive change in their communities.

At the heart of "Revival" lies a profound belief in the potential of every individual to lead with integrity, compassion, and innovation. Through intentional Initiative and engagement opportunities, we seek to awaken and empower leaders at all levels of our university, from students and faculty to staff and administrators.

"Revival" at Wiley University is not just a leadership Initiative; it's a call to action, a rallying cry for leaders at every level to step into their potential and drive meaningful change. Grounded in our institution's rich heritage of liberal arts education and guided by the values of the United Methodist Church, "Revival" is a transformative initiative that seeks to ignite a spirit of innovation, compassion, and social responsibility across our entire community.

At its core, "Revival" is about recognizing the inherent leadership potential within each individual and empowering them to lead from wherever they are. Whether you're a student, faculty member, staff member, or administrator, "Revival" provides you with the tools, resources, and support needed to harness your unique talents and make a positive impact in your sphere of influence.

Through intentional Initiative and engagement opportunities, "Revival" creates a platform for leaders to connect, collaborate, and co-create solutions to the complex challenges facing our world today. From workshops and symposia to networking events and mentorship Initiatives, "Revival" offers a diverse range of experiences designed to foster personal growth, professional development, and collective action.