Latriesha Grandy
Chief of Police
Department of Public Safety/Police Department

Mission & Values Statement

We the members of the Wiley University Police Department, are committed to providing professional, ethical, courteous and compassionate service to our campus and community through dedication and teamwork.

We will administer the law in a fair and equitable manner taking into consideration not only the letter of the law but also the spirit of the law.

We encourage innovation and technology that enhance the professionalism of the department, growth of the individual and the quality of life on Wiley’s campus.

We as members of the Wiley University Police Department possess a great sense of pride in serving on campus and the community in our chosen profession. We are committed to our faculty, staff, students, visitors, and community.

For emergencies — dial 9 +911 from your desk top phone.

Dial 711 from any desktop phone on the Wiley University campus to be connected with campus security immediately.

For campus Non-Emergencies, or from cellular devices, please dial (903) 930-1637