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Wiley University Hosts 2024 H.E.L.F. Leadership Institute

Jun 4, 2024

Wiley University Hosts 2024 H.E.L.F. Leadership Institute, Strengthening HBCU Leadership Pipeline

Marshall, TX—The Higher Education Leadership Foundation (H.E.L.F.) Leadership Institute at Wiley University will commence on Wednesday, June 5, offering experiences focused on leading and learning at Historically Black Colleges and Universities. The institute will host over 100 university presidents and participants and close on June 9, 2024. 

In addition to the H.E.L.F. Summer Leadership Institute, the inaugural All Women’s Pre-Institute, an innovative concept designed to coach, inspire and uplift women in HBCU leadership, will kick off the learning experiences on June 5, 2024. Hosted by Dr. Rosalyn Clark Artis - 14th President and CEO of Benedict College and the first woman to ever serve as president at the institution - the All Women's Pre-Institute will serve as an extraordinary opportunity for learning and reflection. 

The 2024 H.E.L.F. Summer Leadership Institute, comprising 30 - 40 HBCU administrators, will make up the Omicron Cohort. The experience will transform Marshall, TX, into a hub of HBCU leadership excellence. H.E.L.F. will also welcome back its Alumni Fellows for the 2024 Reunion, celebrating the accomplishments and outstanding contributions of H.E.L.F. Alumni Fellows to the HBCU sector and higher education space at large.

Founded in 2015 by Wiley University’s 17th President & CEO Herman J. Felton, Jr., Ph.D., J.D., along with Elfred A. Pinkard, Ph.D. (Retired President, Wilberforce University) and Melva Wallace Thomas, Ph.D. (President & CEO, Huston-Tillotson University), H.E.L.F. is dedicated to fostering leadership and excellence within HBCUs, and provides “bold, engaging, and innovative learning and mentoring opportunities for current and aspiring leaders,”  according to

“Higher Education Leadership Foundation at Wiley University offers extraordinary learning for individuals invested in the HBCU space. Marshall, TX offers a fitting backdrop for these discussions of HBCU longevity, as the home of one of the nation’s most storied institutions Wiley University, and the former home of Bishop College,” Wiley University’s President and CEO Herman J. Felton, Jr., Ph.D., J.D. said. 

“As these HBCUs continue to thrive, the H.E.L.F. Summer Leadership Institute offers participants a specially designed experience that prepares, promotes and connects leaders interested in contributing to the HBCU landscape.”

Over the past nine years, H.E.L.F. has produced more than 400 Alumni Fellows who have served at over 70 HBCUs, including 11 fellows who have risen to the rank of chief executive officer at HBCUs, and a community college leader. 

For more information about the Higher Education Leadership Foundation or Wiley University, please contact Assistant Vice President of Public Relations, Marketing and Communications Marlee Archer at,  or visit


About Wiley University:

Wiley University, formerly known as Wiley College, is a premier liberal arts institution affiliated with the United Methodist Church, with an intentional focus on social good and leadership.