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About the Program

Noted for its emphasis on human interaction and social change, the sociology department offers an array of courses in social and cultural analysis, qualitative and quantitative research methods, and social theory. Faculty members stress diversity and innovation in the approach to teaching and learning. As a result, students develop an understanding of major theoretical perspectives in sociology in preparation for their pursuit of graduate studies.


Graduates with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology will:

Have the requisite skills necessary to function in professional positions related to their academic preparation.

1. Be adequately prepared to pursue graduate/professional school studies.

2. Be able to demonstrate mastery of major theoretical perspectives and critical thinking skills in social and cultural analysis, qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, and social theory. Be proficient in using technology to assess, compile, and interpret data, and generate summarized data in various formats.

3. Utilize their internship and practical skills to compete for positions in human services, government, and other non-profit agencies.

Future Job Opportunities

The Bachelor of Arts in Sociology prepares recipients for graduate study and provides a strong foundation for career positions in government, human services administration, applied research, and positions with a social work and justice emphasis.