About the Program

The English Department supports Wiley University's mission and provides training for students to think critically and communicate effectively. English majors will learn to analyze texts—poems, stories, novels, essays, and other literary work—and find new ways to understand them. These analytic skills, as well as the superior writing skills students learn as English majors, can be applied practically on the job. Many English majors also possess creative, flexible minds that can offer fresh approaches to various situations on the job and in professional and graduate schools. 


The objectives of the program in English include the following: 

1. Develop students’ language skills. 

2. Provide instruction in humanities and literature. 

3. Prepare students for a variety of careers requiring speaking and writing proficiency. Prepare students for graduate training in English. 

Future Job Opportunities

English majors with strong language skills should be able to find employment in many career fields, including public relations, sales,  writing  for  radio  and/or  television, editing,  publishing, information  coordination, lobbying,  community affairs, broadcasting, journalism, and teaching. The degree in English also prepares students for graduate school and is an especially desirable foundation for the study of law.