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About the Program

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with a concentration in Computer Information Systems is designed to prepare the student for a career in business applications of computing technology and develop the proper background required to pursue graduate work in Computer Information Systems.

The CIS program also prepares students to manage all aspects of computer information systems. Graduates are trained based on best practices to be capable of identifying, implementing and maintaining appropriate information technology applications and services that optimally meet the business needs of institutions where these tools and services are utilized. They are also trained to use computer technology to enhance personnel performance, leverage business processes and expedite decision making. This concentration requires students to combine extensive work in both computer information systems and business.


Graduates of the Computer Information Systems program will:

1. Demonstrate a depth of understanding and skills in Computer Information Systems;

2. Find employment in their field of specialization;

3. Qualify to gain admission to graduate and/or professional studies;

4. Deploy the requisite scientific, technical, and social skills to function in a professional environment.

Future Job Opportunities

Computer Information Systems graduates have a wide variety of career opportunities in various fields to include business, engineering, health care, and other scientific fields; where they hold positions such as: Database Manager, Database Administrator, Application Developer, Web Designer, Programmer, Information Security Officer/Analyst and Network Administration. Professionals in the computer information systems industry are sought to test, market, sell, or service computer products including hardware, software, and systems.