Wiley University 2024 Research Symposium

Wiley University 2024 Research Symposium

Present your original research / creative work at the Wiley University 2024 Research Symposium on March 27, 2024.

·      Share your research and/or creative work

·      Connect with your fellow researchers

·      Poster Virtual Exhibit

·      Project Presentations

·      Science and Social Science Poster Competition

·      Poster Contest Theme: The Importance of Learning a Second Language

Wiley University has hosted the Research Symposium since 2020. This Symposium is a space for HBCU undergraduate students to present their independent research, strengthen their resume by increasing their research and presentation experience, and amplify their networks in academic research and industry.

Students are welcome to join us through submission or by audience.

For examples of a winning poster submission, check out past winners below!

Past Winners