Our Wileyite Alumni Spotlight for the month of July is Lawrence Emanuel Eulette. Lawrence graduated from Wiley College in 1997 with a degree in Accounting. He worked for a number of high powered, multi-national corporations and public accounting firms prior to being hired as a State Tax Consultant and Tax Analyst. He gathered a wealth of experience and thrived in his field of expertise working for companies that carried multi-billion dollar revenues such as, FMC Technologies, Invesco US, an independent global investment management firm that manages over six-hundred billion dollars in assets, and PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, one of the “Big Four” public accounting firms.

While having a successful career in accounting, Lawrence, like many Wileyites, felt an urging in his soul driven by a deep passion to help people. Therefore, he returned to school and attended Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern University. TSU’s law school was established for Wiley’s very own Heman Sweatt c/o 1934 stemming from the landmark case Sweatt v. Painter) where he obtained his Juris Doctorate.

Currently, Lawrence is a talented litigator and the owner of the Houston, Texas-based, Eulette Law Firm. Mr. Eulette is skilled in the areas of family law, estate planning, and probate law. He comes from a strong and storied background in taxation, guardianship, and real estate law. Since 2009, he has helped several families find resolution and closure during the painful transition following the death of loved ones and also assists surviving family members and clients through the distribution of assets after a loved one has passed.

Lawrence believes that giving back to Wiley College mirrors the old African Proverb “each one, teach one”, which is the motto by which he guides his life. Lawrence appreciates the assistance that others provided to him as a student and he aims to provide similar assistance to other Wiley Students.

Eulette’s fondest memories as a student at Wiley, was when the men of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, inc., of which he is a proud member, gave Valentine’s Day roses to all the ladies on campus which earned him the nickname “Larry Love.” His college days are far behind and he is now happily married to Mrs. Winifred Eulette. The couple have two children, a daughter, Etale, and a son, Emmanuel.