The Wiley Cares Campaign is a multi-tiered campaign launched to ensure the holistic success of our students as they matriculate at Wiley College. Affording a college degree is a challenge faced nationwide as well as here at Wiley. We’ve reduced tuition to make a quality education more accessible to all. This reduction beginning in Fall 2020 will make Wiley the most affordable historically black institution in the state.

Setting our students up for success also includes that we ensure the proper resources are available to them. We’ve created an on-campus food pantry, developed the process for the issuance of micro-grants for students with critical need and launched a reclamation initiative for students who have previously dropped out due to unmet financial obligations.

Here at Wiley, the well-being of students, both present and past, matters to us. The Wiley Cares campaign will help improve the collegiate experience for our students by meeting their need and ensuring their success; but we can’t do it alone.

Your involvement in this campaign is just as important. As a member of the Wiley family, you have the opportunity to make a distinct difference in the lives of our students. Whether you donate food that can relieve a student’s hunger or give a gift to help a student who has faced an unexpected hardship, your assistance will help our current students and contribute to the legacy of Wiley College.

The giving areas below detail the elements of our campaign and will help you make the best decision when donating to the area(s) that best complement your interests, talents and financial abilities.

The Wiley Fund

Formerly known as The Annual Fund

Each year, contributions from alumni, parents and staff are leveraged to make a major impact on Wiley.  As the college’s largest source of unrestricted support, the Wiley Fund helps to support programs and services that are critical to the success, growth and legacy of the college.

Bridging the Gap

Emergency Student Aid

These gifts are designed to provide financial support to students for emergency expenses, such as an unexpected illness, accident or economic hardship. Amounts as small as $200 have been known to prevent students from completing their education. This fund was created specifically to meet that need.

General Scholarships

You can help talented students reach their educational goals by supporting merit-based scholarships at Wiley. General scholarships help attract and retain the best and brightest students at Wiley College. All donations will directly impact deserving Wiley students. With tuition on the rise nationwide, scholarship awards decrease the need for student loans and help our students receive a higher return on their educational investment.

Revitalization Campaign

As with all institutions of higher learning, Wiley faces an ongoing challenge to upgrade our facilities, equipment and technology. Many of our maintenance projects, such as performing upgrades in the Alumni Gymnasium, and repairing or replacing equipment and fixtures in classrooms and residence halls are now in deferred maintenance status. Donating with revitalization in mind helps keep our campus fully functioning.

Wiley Food Pantry

Wiley is taking action to address food insecurity among our students with a vision of partnership and community building. You can help by donating food and toiletries or cash. For more information, contact

Persons can assist by donating AMEX or Visa gift cards in denominations of $25-$250 or any of the items listed.

  • Items you can Donate

    Instant oatmeal or grits
    Snacks (chips, crackers, cookies, nuts/seeds, fruit snacks, etc.)
    Canned tuna
    Peanut butter
    Ramen noodles (cups or packages)
    Rice/noodle microwaveable meals
    Salt and pepper
    Hot sauce

    Feminine hygiene products (unscented)
    Antacid/acid indigestion medication
    Aspirin or other pain relievers (Advil, ibuprofen, Tylenol)
    Non-drowsy cold and flu medicines
    Toothache medication
    Antidiarrheal medicine (Pepto-Bismol, etc.)
    Adhesive bandages, antibiotic ointment
    Cough medicine and cough drops
    Throat spray
    Triple antibiotic cream
    Bacitracin ointment
    Various size bandages
    Ace bandages
    Plastic gloves
    Shower caddy
    Shower shoes (flip-flops)
    Shampoo and conditioner
    Hair-styling products
    Bath and face soap
    Travel soap container(s)
    Toothpaste and toothbrush
    Dental floss
    Nail clippers
    Hair dryer/straightener/curling iron
    Razor and shaving cream
    Lotion and/or facial moisturizer
    Cotton swabs/q-tips

    Clothes hangers
    Laundry bag/basket
    Laundry detergent, fabric softener and stain remover
    Lint brush
    Mini sewing kit
    Paper towels
    Trash bags
    All-purpose cleaner
    Plastic storage bags
    Food-storage containers
    Dish soap
    Wet wipes
    Bowl, plate and cup
    Plastic flatware
    Can Opener

    Umbrella or poncho