Re: Wiley College announces the implementation of a Sacred Pause, October 10-17, 2021. 

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE–Over the past 20 months, higher education institutions have been grappling with the impact of COVID-19 and persevering through times that were unexpected and unwarranted. Wiley College has navigated the complex environment with record-breaking incoming student enrollment, over 98% employee vaccination rates, and increased fundraising, all while re-imagining the academic experience to include reducing the potential of a COVID-19 spread on the campus. 

Beginning October 10, 2021, as part of the vision of Wiley College’s 17th President and CEO, Herman J. Felton, Jr., J.D., Ph.D., the entire campus community will enter into a bold and audacious institutional posture by which the College family can rest, reflect, and renew through the Wiley College Sacred Pause, a week-long work break.  

“Since March of 2020, a large portion of our campus community has continued to operate on dual fronts, at home and Wiley College, as essential personnel continuing to provide support to our students. The rigors of providing a high-quality education and first-rate service to students in a new environment, while simultaneously juggling the dangers of the pandemic and their personal demands, simply put, have left us exhausted, burnt out, and fatigued. As a commitment to our teammates’ wellbeing and in concert with our core beliefs that health and wellness is central to excellence, we believe a Sacred Pause is necessary.” – President and CEO, Herman J. Felton, Jr. 

During the Wiley College Sacred Pause, campus community members will have the opportunity to pause the work of the College and focus on their self-care and joy. Although voluntary, campus members will also be invited to participate in scheduled virtual activities such as yoga, dance, and cooking classes, speakers, and book discussions. 

“As we enter the sacred pause posture, we draw on our covenant with the United Methodist Church (UMC)  and the teachings of John Wesley,” said President Felton. “Our covenant with UMC is not in theory alone, but to be affiliated with the UMC requires a sacred pause that is consistent with the ethos of engaging the whole being (physical and spiritual) as important.” 

The Wiley College Sacred Pause will be instituted as part of the Wiley Experience, going forward, and will be innovative in engaging the campus community in social good experiences as part of this action. 

In taking this radical step to collectively focus on our well-being through our sacred pause, Wiley College believes that our campus community will be strengthened and even more focused on the execution of our core values of excellence and kindness so that our institution will continue to thrive and generate impact.  

Throughout the week, the various experiences of the Wiley College Sacred Pause will be shared on the institution’s social media. 


Wiley College is a premier liberal arts institution affiliated with the United Methodist Church, with an intentional focus on social good and leadership. 

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