This year, Wiley College will host it’s first annual campus-wide Research Symposium. The research topics showcased below were selected by the students based on their own interests!  We have submissions from one chemistry major, Alexia Souza; three biology majors, Journie Davis, Basil Masaisai, and Najee Shahid; and five mass communications majors, Micah Williams, Destinee Lavalais, Destiney Peoples, Ella Wade, and Timmy Lane.  Our students have showed a great amount of  adaptability after they learned that their Symposium had to change formats due to Coronavirus safety concerns.  Their original prepared speeches have changed form into posters, and students did an excellent job of telling their stories in a visual format!

The Social Science and Humanities winner will be chosen by Dr. Billy Brocato, and the Science winner will be chosen by Dr. Narayan Kandel.

African Americans in Japanese Pop Culture
Social Media Effects on Relationships
The Importance and Analysis of Different Aspects of Bottled Water
Impact of Water Source on Growth of Giant Salvinia
North coast cascades network monitoring for Pseudogymnoascus destructans Infected Bats
PrEPping For HIV: A Literature Review of Different Methods of Trail