Wiley College Announces On-Site Adult Learning Completion Opportunities at Magnolia School of Excellence

Wiley College is pleased to announce the restart of its on-site adult learner completion program in Shreveport, LA, beginning March 14, 2023. Wiley College suspended classes at its Shreveport, LA location in 2019, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Magnolia School of Excellence, located at 2290 Clyde Fant Parkway Service Rd, Shreveport, LA 71104, will serve as the new site for the in-person classes for the Extended Education Program.  The new site will host individuals interested in completing their college degree through an accelerated experience. Since 2006, Wiley College’s adult degree completion experience offers a B.B.A. in Organizational Management, and B.A. in Criminal Justice Administration. 

Individuals can begin at the Magnolia School of Excellence site in person on March 14, 2023, or start online on February 7, 2023, and then transition to the in-person classes at the new location.  

“We are excited to host classes at our new location. Wiley College is focused on expanding access to college. Although our main campus is in Marshall, TX, we hope to reach adult learners within a 50-mile radius from the Shreveport location who want to complete their degrees in person.”- Executive Director Timothy Johnson, MBA, Ph.D.

The adult learner completion opportunities offer two accelerated degree attainment experiences for persons with significant college credit, who are currently employed (or have at least three years of recent employment history), and who are 25 or older.

“The positioning of our two adult learner completion programs at the Magnolia School of Excellence offers the opportunity for the community to have a completion program in their backyard. Our programs are designed for working adults who want to increase their earning potential by finishing their degrees through a cohort, and ‘face-to-face’ and/or virtual classes.” – Dr. Tracy L. Andrus Sr., Director, Lee P. Brown Criminal Justice Institute

“With over 150 years of legacy building, I am excited to engage the community  through the re-opening of a Shreveport, LA site at the Magnolia School of Excellence.”  – Wiley College 17th President & CEO Herman J. Felton, Jr., J.D., Ph.D. 

For more information about Wiley College’s Extended Education Program contact ExtendedEd@wileyc.edu.


About Wiley College 

Founded in 1873 in Marshall, Texas, Wiley College is a historically Black college (HBCU). Wiley College, is a premier liberal arts institution, affiliated with the United Methodist Church, with an intentional focus on social good and leadership. Wiley College is the Home of the Great Debaters.