Wiley College, according to AcademicInfluence.com, is one of the top ten colleges and universities for Exemplary Academic Stewardship

Immediate Release
(Wiley College, Marshall, TX)

Wiley College is excited to be recognized as #6 for Exemplary Academic Stewardship. Wiley College was selected as #6 out of 50, through this inclusive ranking system that has reconsidered the metrics for national rankings. 

According to AcademicInfluence.com, “This metric spotlights smaller schools, with fewer financial resources and people, that invest wisely and do proportionately better in building influence than large wealthy schools. Many of these smaller, less wealthy schools are incentivized to make better use of their resources but would never get recognized in conventional school rankings, which directly or indirectly put a premium on the wealth of schools.”

“The small liberal arts institution continues to play a vital role in producing the best, and the brightest America has to offer. This acknowledgment affirms the amazing work of my teammates while simultaneously amplifying the brilliance of our students and alumni. We share this honor with our students, faculty, staff, and alumni community,” shared Wiley College’s 17th President & CEO, Herman J. Felton, Jr., J.D., Ph.D.

The recognition of Exemplary Academic Stewardship recognizes the efforts of Wiley College’s faculty, staff, students, and alumni. Although the ranking method is new, AcademicInfluence.com created a formula that quantifies how much academic impact a college achieves, given its overall resources. Academic Stewardship recognizes colleges not for their influence per se but for their effectiveness in producing influence with limited means.

Wiley College’s mission as a premier liberal arts college affiliated with the United Methodist Church, focused on social good and leadership, continues to create scholars, activists, vocalists, debaters, and athletes. Wiley College has increased its commitment to academic excellence by launching the Wiley 1873 Campaign to provide 1873 scholarships/grants for incoming students in honor of its upcoming sesquicentennial. 

For more information, please contact Fredrick Haywood, Digital Marketing and Communications Manager, Fredrick Haywood, Jr. at fhaywoodjr@wileyc.edu.