Wiley College Becomes Community Center for Coding and Creativity, in Collaboration with Apple and Tennessee State University

Wiley College will help bring workforce development opportunities to students and the broader Marshall community

Today, in celebration of Computer Science Education Week, Wiley College announced it will become a community center for Coding and Creativity as part of Apple’s Community Education Initiative and Tennessee State University’s HBCU C2 initiative designed to bring coding and creativity experiences to historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) and their communities.

Wiley College President, Dr. Herman J. Felton insists that there is a growing need for coding experts in the tech industry. “Coding is necessary because computers and software systems would be useless without it. Every phone app, website, software program, and even kitchen appliances rely on coding to work. Coding is essential to ensure integral parts of all businesses are operating efficiently and effectively. Careers in coding are endless and in high demand. Wiley College is excited and honored to partner with Apple to educate the next generation of diverse coders. The hardware and software provided will allow Wiley College to support eager young minds who will create the next language that will shape the future,” he says.

Faculty leaders from Wiley College will participate in Apple’s ongoing Community Education Initiative Learning Series to learn about coding and app development. As part of that ongoing professional development, educators will explore innovative ways to engage with learners using Apple’s comprehensive curriculum, which utilizes its easy-to-learn Swift programming language.

As part of its Community Education Initiative, Apple is supporting Wiley College with equipment and professional development to help the university become the preeminent HBCU C2 community center to bring coding and creativity to Wiley College and Marshall, Texas.
Samuel Tabi, Department Chair of Computer Information Systems and Assistant Professor of CIS, will serve as the Innovation Team Leader.