Wiley College

New Student Credentials

Welcome to Wiley College. Below are the steps that you will use to sign in to your online accounts. Instructions to locate each account are provided along with your credentials. For technical assistance, please contact the Wiley College Help Desk.

Accessing your Wildcat Email:

Visit www.wileyc.edu
Click on the Student Email link (top of the screen)
Enter your Wildcat Email credentials to log in.

Accessing “MyWiley”:

Visit www.wileyc.edu (or for a direct link to MyWiley, go to http://mywiley.wileyc.edu/ics)
If you chose to go to www.wileyc.edu, click “MyWiley” (top of the screen)
Enter your “MyWiley” credentials to log in.

View your Unofficial Transcript, Schedule, Degree Audit and other Academic Information:

Go to MyWiley using the instructions above
Click on the Students tab
Click on “Your Academic Information” (left hand panel)
Click on the link of your choice to access the information
NOTE: While inside any of the links for your academic information, at the bottom of each screen, there is a “Printable” option. Click on this link if you want to print the information you are viewing.

Accessing your courses in CANVAS:

Visit www.wileyc.edu
Click on the Canvas link located at the top of the page on the right
Once you’ve clicked on this link, you will be taken to the Wiley College Canvas Log-In Screen
Enter your credentials for Canvas. (For those that have already created Canvas credentials, please use what you previously created)
Login: Your Wiley College Email Address
Password: The Password Provided to you

Reset your “MyWiley” password:

Go to MyWiley (you must be logged in to MyWiley in order to use this function)
Click on “My Profile & Settings” (located in the space or photo beside the search icon in the top right corner)
Click on “Password & Privacy”
Change your password to MyWiley here
NOTE: If you need your password reset and cannot log into the system, please submit a help desk ticket by going to the Wiley website and clicking on IT Help Desk (located under the Information Systems and Technology tab on the website or http://wileyc.supportsystem.com/ ).

Need Technical Support?

Visit www.wileyc.edu
At the bottom of the page, select Helpdesk
To start a new Support Ticket, select “Open a New Ticket”