Policy Number: #03-60-01-01
Policy Type: Administrative
Administrative Policy Type: Enrollment Services
Approval Date: June 26, 2019
Responsible Office: Enrollment Services
Responsible Executive: Vice President for Enrollment Services
Applies to: College Community

Scholarships Policy Statement

Wiley College is committed to providing reasonable and equitable awarding of scholarships. The scholarship policy provides guidelines for the awarding, acceptance and maintenance of established funds. The purpose of the scholarship program is to identify and support superior ability and achievement. Scholarship funds come from different sources and often times contain restrictions on their use.


The Vice President for Enrollment Services officially interprets this policy and also is responsible for obtaining approval for any revisions thereto. Questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Vice President for Enrollment Services.


College Community, to include prospective and current students, parents of prospective students and current students, and any scholarship stakeholders.

Policy Contents

General Scholarship Notes and Disclaimers

  • New freshmen are students who enter Wiley College after completing coursework at a regionally accredited high school, a GED or a home school program. Students who take concurrent college credit during high school are considered for new freshmen scholarships if they enter Wiley College immediately after high school completion.
  • Transfer students are students who have completed at least fifteen college credits. Students who take concurrent college credit during high school are considered transfer students if they do not enter Wiley College immediately after high school completion and apply to Wiley College at a later date.
  • All Wiley College scholarships require continuous enrollment at Wiley College. The criteria for credit completion, GPA, and award amounts of each scholarship are detailed in the scholarship award message listed on the award letter.
  • Some scholarships for new freshmen require enrollment at Wiley immediately following the completion of high school or its equivalent. Students who delay enrollment at Wiley for a semester or more will not be considered for these awards.
  • Criteria and award amounts for Wiley College scholarships are subject to change each academic year. If any change is made, the Institutional owner of the scholarship must submit changes in writing (signed by all appropriate parties) to the Scholarship Coordinator in the Office of Financial Aid. The Scholarship Coordinator will not process any verbal notification changes. The institutional owner of the scholarship must also formally notify the student of the change. The Scholarship Coordinator will send an updated financial aid award letter to the student reflecting correct and current financial aid amounts.
  • The Office of Financial Aid in the Division of Enrollment Services is responsible for applying awarded scholarships. The Office of Admissions and Recruitment is responsible for offering and awarding academic scholarships for First Time Freshmen. Scholarship monitoring for renewal purposes will be completed by the institutional owner of the scholarship (Academic Affairs for academic, choir and debate scholarships, Department of Athletics for athletic scholarships, and Institutional Advancement for donor related scholarships).
  • Scholarships will not be awarded outside of the initial awarding/recruitment season. Scholarships will not be awarded mid-semester for any student.

Institutional Funds Awarded in Excess of the Cost of Attendance
Wiley policy does not permit a student to receive institutional funds in conjunction with other outside funds in excess of that student’s cost of attendance (COA).

All Wiley students are provided an estimated COA. The COA is an estimated calculation of expenses for a student’s tuition and fees, books and supplies, room and board, transportation, and personal expenses for the period of enrollment. COA is also referred to as the financial aid budget. This budget is a key component in calculating financial aid and is initially calculated at full or part-time enrollment status. The COA is reviewed and updated each year.

Wiley scholarship recipients cannot exceed their COA with institutional funds. The combination of scholarships, federal aid, and outside assistance cannot exceed the COA figure. If a combination of all sources of aid exceeds the student’s COA, Wiley will reduce aid to keep the student within their COA. The Office of Financial Aid will first reduce student loans but may ultimately result in a reduction of institutional scholarships as well. Scholarships have no impact on Pell Grant eligibility or amounts. Institutional scholarships awarded above a student’s COA will be canceled and awarded to other deserving Wiley students.

Renewable Scholarship Eligibility
Students receiving renewable scholarships are evaluated at the end of each spring semester (summer courses are not evaluated as part of the credit completion and/or GPA requirements) to determine if they are eligible for continuation of the scholarship for the ensuing academic year.

The institutional owner of each scholarship will review student’s academic performance to determine if the minimum criteria required was met while receiving the award during the academic year. Students must review the award requirements included on the scholarship notification letter in order to familiarize with the renewal criteria of their scholarship. In most cases, students are required to maintain a certain GPA, complete a certain number of credits, and in some cases remain in an eligible major in order to renew their scholarship and participate in programmatic activities. Please note that repeated courses will not count toward meeting minimum credit requirements.

If a student does not meet the minimum requirements by the end of the spring semester, the scholarship will not be offered for the upcoming academic year. Students will receive a regret email from the institutional owner of the scholarship.

Deferring Scholarships
Wiley College will defer a student’s scholarship(s) if enrollment at Wiley is interrupted for medical reasons, military deployment, church service, or other selected reasons, provided that a student meets certain criteria. For a student’s scholarship(s) to be deferred, the student must attend at least one full-time semester prior to his or her departure and meet the minimum criteria for renewal of his or her scholarship(s) during the semester(s) he or she attends prior to leaving. Enrollment at another institution during the deferment period will result in an automatic cancellation of the scholarship. To request a deferral, a student should submit a letter, prior to leaving Wiley, requesting the scholarship be held for a specified period of time. The letter must include when the student is leaving, when he or she plans to return, and the reason for the deferment request. Our general policy is that scholarships can be held for up to two academic years and approval is dependent on the availability of remaining scholarship funds. The letter should be submitted to the Scholarship Coordinator in the Office of Financial Aid or by email

If a deferral is required for medical reasons, military deployment, church service, or other selected reasons prior to enrollment, a deferral request to hold those funds is also required. The letter must include when the student plans to return to Wiley and the reason for the deferment request. The letter should be submitted to the Scholarship coordinator in the Office of Financial Aid or by email

Full Time Enrollment
Most Wiley scholarships require students to be enrolled in at least 12 credits per fall and spring semesters (full time status). Scholarships will be disbursed provided students meet all of the requirements for the award and are enrolled in at least 12 credits. Students must also remain enrolled in at least 12 credits. After the 12th day of each semester, the Office of Financial Aid will check the number of credits in which scholarship recipients are enrolled. If a student has dropped enrollment below the credit requirement, the scholarship will be canceled.

Complete Withdraw Effect on Scholarships
If a student completely withdraws from Wiley College prior to the 10th day of the semester, any Wiley scholarships will be canceled from the students account.

If the student received a scholarship from an outside entity, we will notify the outside entity that the student has withdrawn from the College. If the outside entity would like to have their scholarship money back, they will need to work directly with the student in that process.

If a student completely withdraws from Wiley College after the 12th day of the semester, the student can still receive their scholarship to help cover any of the charges incurred during the period of enrollment. If the student’s fees are refunded or waived through a fee appeal, the scholarship will be canceled. If this results in a balance owing to Wiley, the student is required to pay that money back to the College.

Scholarships while on Education Abroad
If a student going on education abroad is currently receiving a scholarship from Wiley, the Scholarship Committee at Wiley will evaluate if the scholarship can be used towards their education abroad or if a deferment is required while they are away from Wiley campus. Prior to leaving Wiley, the student must write a letter to the Scholarship Coordinator telling them they are going on exchange, where they are going on exchange, what type of exchange it is (direct, education abroad etc.), what type of renewable scholarships they have, and when they plan to return. The Scholarship Coordinator will decide if the scholarship can be used while on exchange. The letter should be submitted to the Office of Financial Aid or via A response will be sent to the student for their review.

When the student returns from their exchange the Scholarship Coordinator will check to make sure the student maintained the renewal requirements of the scholarship before it can be posted to the student’s account.

Outside Scholarships
If students are receiving a scholarship from a source other than Wiley, it must be processed through the Division of Business and Finance. The student must direct the donor to send the scholarship check directly to the Division of Business and Finance. Note that some donors submit scholarship funds electronically.

Office of Business and Finance
711 Wiley Ave.
Marshall, Texas 75670

Along with the check, the donor should provide instructions on rules and regulations required of the recipient in order to receive the scholarship if applicable. The rules can be tracked through the Office of Financial Aid to ensure the donor’s requests are being met. The student should request the donor to make the check payable to Wiley College and them (for example: and John Smith); or, the student’s name should be noted on the check. If there is room on the check to provide additional information, please have them include the full name, student ID number and the semesters to apply the scholarship (for example: Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 or Spring 2019 only).

Once the check is received, the Division of Business and Finance will process and notify the Office of Financial Aid when the when funds are available to apply to the student’s account. During peak times (August/September and January) please allow two weeks for funds to be disbursed to the student account. If this time frame causes concern, the student must contact the Office of Financial Aid.

Scholarship Criteria
Most Wiley scholarships have criteria that students must meet in order to receive/maintain the scholarship. To find these criteria, students will need to review the award message attached to the scholarship award on (provided during award notification and acceptance) page to be familiar with. Please read the message carefully and be aware of the requirements to receive/maintain the scholarship. If the student does not meet the listed criteria, the scholarship may be revoked prior to disbursement. For example, if the scholarship requires a student to be in a certain major and they are not in that major (or recently changed the major), the scholarship may be canceled prior to disbursement. Another example is if the scholarship requires a certain semester and/or cumulative GPA and the GPA has dropped below that level, the scholarship may be canceled prior to disbursement.

Athletic, choir and debate scholarships require students to perform and participate at certain levels and may be governed by other authorities (for example, NAIA). Students who receive nonacademic scholarships should speak with their Coach and/or Director to determine whether or not the student athlete can accept the award.

Scholarship Award Split between Semesters
The majority of Wiley scholarships are offered for one year and require full time enrollment (12 credit hours) each semester the award is granted. Scholarships are typically split evenly between fall and spring semesters. These splits are nonnegotiable and non-enrollment or enrollment in less than full time in either semester will result in the forfeiture of that portion of the award. The award messages attached to the scholarship informs the student if there are additional/different requirements, if any.

Donor Thank You Letters
There are several Wiley scholarships provided by private donors who contribute money to help students fund their education. It is imperative that each student personally thanks them for the gift and support. All students who receive scholarships from private donors are required to send the donor a thank you note. Failure to submit a thank you note will delay the disbursement of the scholarship(s) and may result in cancellation of all or part of the scholarship award and prevent from receiving future scholarships from Wiley.

Institutional Advancement will send each student information on how to submit the letter beginning in August, prior to the beginning of the fall semester and in December, prior to the beginning of the spring semester.

Scholarship Acceptance Deadline
All scholarships offered must be accepted within 30 days after the date posted on the award notification (email or letter). All awards not accepted by this deadline will be canceled and offered to another deserving Wiley student. To accept the awards, follow the instructions listed on the award notification.