Classification and Numbering System

Policy Number: #02-01
Policy Type: Presidential
Approval Date: August 21, 2018
Responsible Office: President's Office
Responsible Executive: President/CEO
Applies to: College Community
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Classification and Numbering System Policy Statement

Wiley College is committed to supporting and promoting a culture of accountability and transparency and expects all members of the College Community to conduct the College’s business in a lawful and ethical manner.

This policy provides for the classification and numbering of all policies of the College to ensure understandable, consistent messaging and formatting.


This schema is designed to enable quick and easy identification, cataloging, referencing, and online publication of College policies in the online Policy Library.

Types of Policies

There are four types of policies at Wiley College:

Board of Trustees (“BOT”) Policy: addresses governance of the College and requires a majority approval of the Board of Trustees. The authority to determine when a policy warrants Board of Trustees level of approval rests with the Board and the President with the advice of College Counsel.

Presidential Policy: policy that promulgates the President’s decisions on the operation of the College, Board of Trustees action, and changes in law or new administrative issues within the College itself. Presidential Policy is issued by the President of the College with the advice of College Counsel and expires 90 days after the end of the President’s term in office. Board of Trustees approval is not required.

Administrative Policies: addresses critical operational matters to ensure compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and policies at the federal, state or local levels. Administrative Policies do not address practice or procedures, and have broad application throughout the College. Administrative Policy is subject to approval by the President, applicable Vice President, or respective designee for policy issuance and major revisions. Board of Trustees approval is not required.

Interim Policy: provisional policy issued by the Board of Trustees or the President that satisfies an emergent need or exigency.


All College policies will be classified by policy type, i.e., BOT Policy, Presidential Policy, Administrative Policy, or Interim Policy.

Numbering System

Policies promulgated by the Board of Trustees (BOT Policy) and the President (Presidential Policy) are identified by the following: classification, number (sequential), effective year (in parentheticals), and policy title. For example:

Classification Number Year Policy Title
 Board of Trustee Policy #01 2018 Classification and Numbering System Policy
Presidential Policy #02 2018 Inclement Weather Policy
Administrative Policy #03 2018 Distance Education Policy
Interim Policy #04 2018

The Effective Year is the year of approval or revision

Divisional Assignments

Number Assigned Division
10 Division of Academic Affairs
20 Division of Business and Finance
30 Division of Human Resources
40 Division of Student Affairs
50 Division of Institutional Advancement
60 Division of Enrollment Services
70 Division of Security

Offices or departments within a Division may be assigned a number with the range allotted to each Division. For example, policies designated as or related to the Office of the Registrar may be designated as assignment number 10 under the Division of Academic Affairs. Using the example, policies under the Office of the Registrar will be listed as:

03 = Administrative / 10 = Academic Affairs / 04 = Registrar / 01 = first policy

Procedures, best practices, guidelines or forms shall be labeled as such and published on the appropriate Division’s website.

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