Wiley College Policy Library

The Wiley College Policy Library is the official online repository of all policies from the Board of Trustees, President, and Administration.  The College Policy Library is a compilation of regulations and policies approved by the college’s Board of Trustees, the President, and Executive Cabinet to:

  • enhance missions and strategic goals;
  • reduce institutional risks and enhance internal controls;
  • establish delegation of authority and responsibility;
  • promote compliance with federal, state and other applicable laws and regulations;
  • promote operational alignment, consistency and efficiency

About the Policy Library
A policy is a document which articulates requirements and expectations for behavior, actions and activities of the college community. A policy may require or prohibit an action, support compliance with applicable laws and regulations and/or mitigate risk. The College Policy Library is the official source for the policies governing the academic, administrative, financial, operation, and business affairs of the college.

At Wiley College, we are committed to supporting and promoting a culture of accountability and transparency, and expect all members of the College Community to conduct the College’s business in a lawful and ethical manner. All members of the College community should be aware of and uphold the policies of the College.