Bethesda Missionary Baptist Church gifted Wiley College a love offering of $7,500 during the homecoming Wiley Day celebration.

Miss National UNCF Tayler Barnes welcomed the audience at Wiley Day.

Wiley College’s Miss UNCF, Tayler Barnes welcomed the audience with kind remarks and recognition of the Wiley students, faculty, staff and administrators at the Wiley Day worship service on Sunday, Oct. 27 at Bethesda Missionary Baptist Church in Marshall, Texas.

With the sermon entitled, “He’s Not Through with Me Yet”, Pastor James E. Webb encouraged the audience to “go forth, inspired” knowing that God is still working on them. 

The Wiley Day program included performances by the Serenity Dance Team and Wiley College choir. Led by Dr. Greggory McPherson, the choir incited the Holy Ghost in the crowd with their spiritual selections and soprano solos. 

“The advancement staff works in conjunction with Bethesda’s Wiley Day co-chairs, Mrs. Deborah Johnson and Mrs. Bettye Fisher, the Wiley College Dean of Chapel, the Wiley College Director of Choral Music and the Wiley College Director of Transportation to make sure Wiley Day is a seamless operation,” said Charles Cornish III, director of major gifts for Wiley College. 

The service concluded with a donation presented by Wiley alumnus Deacon John Wilburn and the Wiley Day committee at Bethesda. “It is a blessing to have such a wonderful relationship with (Bethesda) who has supported us for over 20 years now,” said Marcel McGee, vice president for institutional advancement. 

Bethesda Missionary Baptist Church donated food pantry supplies and toiletries to the Wiley College food pantry.

In addition to the monetary donation, the Church also donated food pantry supplies to the Wiley College food pantry. “We are also greatly appreciative of their donation to our Wiley Cares food pantry initiative,” said McGee. 

Deacon John Wilburn presented Marcel McGee, vice president of institutional advancement with a $7,500 donation to Wiley College.

Established over 150 years ago, Bethesda Missionary Baptist Church has supported Wiley both financially and spiritually since 1873. “Our Wiley Day celebrations happen throughout the year,” explained Cornish III. “Bethesda is one of the College’s top supporting churches. The members take pride in investing in Wiley,” said Cornish.   

Wiley College is accepting donations for Wiley Cares initiatives. Visit to learn more about the program and ways to give.