The Office of

Human Resources

Providing professional employment services to current and prospective Wiley College employees.

Krystal L. Moody

Director of Human Resources
Office: (903) 927-3312 |

The Office of Human Resources is an operational unit within the Division of Business and Finance with administrative leadership provided by the Vice President for Business and Finance. The office is responsible for maintaining complete and up-to-date employment records for all current employees.

The role of the office is to provide effective guidance related to employment laws. The office: (1) facilitates the recruitment and hiring of qualified employees to operate the College effectively, (2) provides guidance during the search process for new employees, and (3) explores cost savings and more effective benefits packages for all employees.

The Office of Human Resources, in its support function to the College, provides employee assistance services and maintains contact with current employees and regulatory agencies. Such services are important to ensuring compliance with all local, state, and federal laws.

The mission of the Office of Human Resources is to provide professional employment services to current and prospective employees. This mission has a dual focus: (1) to disseminate information relative to College policies and procedures, and (2) to improve employee performance through systematic use of performance standards and evaluations.