Heman Sweatt Center for Social Good and Leadership

Leadership Institute – Spring 2020

January 29th – March 11th

The Heman Sweatt Leadership Institute was created to provide personal and professional development to the faculty and staff of Wiley College. In order to grow and sustain any organization, leadership principles and skills must be intentionally obtained, honed and applied through formal and informal measures. Through a project-based approach, participants will learn how to problem-solve as it pertains to increasing Institutional effectiveness. The goal of the Leadership Institute is to engage Wiley faculty and staff by developing and empowering authentic leaders that foster talent and motivate teams to achieve personal, departmental, divisional and institutional goals.

The curriculum of the Leadership Institute will focus on the following theoretical framework:

Over a 6-week period, the Leadership Institute will provide a structured and in-depth focus on the importance of leading self and the necessary steps to move from leading self to leading a small and/or large organization. Participants will be engaged in small and large group discussions, interactive activities, goal setting, portfolio creation, and mentorship activities.

Participation Criteria

  • Each participant must be able to make a 6-week commitment. The program involves at least one weekly session held in the early evening, group work/meetings, and several assessments.
  • Completed application submitted no later than January 17, 2020 to hsli@wileyc.edu.
  • Demonstrate the willingness to contribute to the mission of Wiley College, and her desire to foster social good and leadership, as well as the desire to professionally grow.

The Leadership Committee will select participants who will commit to involvement and participation in the entire program. Decisions will be announced no later than January 15, 2020.

Leadership Institute – Spring 2020 Application