Congratulations to the Great Debaters of Wiley College on claiming first place overall at the Southern Forensics Championship January 26-27 in Ruston, Louisiana. The competition represents the state championship tournament for Mississippi, Louisiana, and Arkansas, and 22 schools took part in the event.

Wiley placed first place in team awards, followed by Texas Christian University, which placed second in team awards, and Louisiana Tech University, which placed third in team awards.

Wiley sophomore Micah Williams, who is a Mass Communications major, placed first in After Dinner Speaking.

Wiley junior Cardero Berryman, who is also a Mass Communications major, placed first in Dramatic Interpretation.

Danielle Jones, a junior Criminal Justice major, and Fortune Onwunali, a junior Mass Communications major, placed first in Duo Interpretation.

Jones also placed first in poetry, and Onwunali also placed first in Programmed Oral Interpretation.

Rahmane Barnes, a sophomore English major, placed first in informative speech.

More individual student results are listed below.

Prose Interpretation
Dimitri Brooks, 6th, Class/Major: junior Mass Comm/English
Curtis Milby 5th, Class/ Major: senior Mass Comm
Ismael Williams, 3rd , Class/Major: sophomore Business

After Dinner Speaking
Micah Williams, 1st

Dramatic Interpretation
Curtis Milby, 6th, Class/Major: senior Mass Comm
Nala Johnson, 4th, Class/Major: senior Interdisciplinary Studies
Omari Momo Hawkins, 3rd, Class/Major: senior Interdisciplinary Studies
Cardero Berryman ,1st

Duo Interpretation
Cardero Berryman and Micah Williams, 3rd
Danielle Jones and Fortune Onwunali, 1st


Cardero Berryman, 6th
Naomi Henry, 3rd, Class/Major: senior Criminal Justice
Rahmane Barnes, 2nd

Louis Mendez, 5th, Class/Major: junior Sociology
Curtis Milby, 4th, Class/Major: senior Mass Comm
Rahmane Barnes, 1st

Danielle Jones ,2nd

Cardero Berryman ,6th
Omari Momo Hawkins, 5th, Class/Major: senior Interdisciplinary Studies
Ismael Diamond Williams, 4th, Class/Major: sophomore Business
Micah Williams, 2nd
Danielle Jones ,1st

Programmed Oral Interpretation
Nala Johnson, 4th, Class/Major: senior Interdisciplinary Studies
Fortune Onwunali, 1st

Wiley College is proud of these students and wish them all the best as they continue their spring season of competition.