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Our Challenge

As with all institutions of higher education, Wiley has a continuing challenge to upgrade its facilities, equipment, and technology. Many of our maintenance projects, such as renovating the Thomas W. Cole Sr. Library and upgrading its technology, performing upgrades in the Alumni Gymnasium, and repairing or replacing equipment and fixtures in classrooms and residence halls, are now in deferred maintenance status.

Bridging the Gap | Day of Giving

At what should be the happiest time in their lives, some graduating seniors are facing a gap between their financial resources and their final tuition fees. Your support on our first Wildcat Purple Pride Day of Giving will help bridge the gap and allow our prospective graduates to cross the finish line to commence their postgraduate studies, careers, and lives of service.

We are asking alumni, faculty, staff and friends to help fill in the gap for our graduating seniors by making a gift of $18.73 or greater, and asking at least ten friends to do the same.

Show your love for Wiley College and your Purple Pride by helping fellow Wildcats to bridge the gap and embark on the bright futures that await them.

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