Wiley College

Fall 2020 Campus Operations

Dear Wildcat Family:

As we began to explore uncharted territory due to COVID-19, each Division has developed virtual support plans and access points to ensure the success of every Wiley student. As promised, a brief summary of how Wiley will operate, fully online, to support our new and continuing students can be found below.

The Division of Academic Affairs

  • Registration: The registration process has been automated. Students can click on the following link to complete the enrollment process for fall 2020 https://wileycollege.wufoo.com/forms/z11witzu0zkcjj1/. If students have any questions or need assistance completing the form, they may contact the Office of the Registrar at 903-927-3328 or gemitchell@wileyc.edu.
  • Instructional delivery: All courses will be facilitated through Canvas https://wileyc.instructure.com/login/canvas and Zoom. Syllabi, textbooks, and attendance will be managed through our learning management system, Canvas. All science labs will be offered through Labster, a virtual lab experience. Labster access will be provided through Canvas.
  • Academic Support: The Student Success Center will provide all forms of student support services (advising, tutoring, career coaching, etc.) through virtual and teleconference modalities (Canvas and Zoom). The Center will implement an early alert program to proactively support students’ potential academic and attendance matters. If students have questions or need assistance, they may contact the Office of Student Achievement and Retention at 903.927.3351 or qwatson@wileyc.edu.
  • Library: Students can click the following link to gain access to online library resources https://www.wileyc.edu/library/. If students have any questions, or need any assistance, they may contact the Library at (903) 927-3275 or mlcoleman@wileyc.edu.

The Division of Business and Finance

  • Student Accounts: The Office of Student accounts will communicate all information associated with balances to facilitate payments and or the creation of payment plans. The Office of Student Accounts will proactively assist new and returning students to complete their payment plans prior to the first day of class. All students with active payment plans will be cleared and deemed to be in good financial standing with the College. For more information, please contact Ms. Melisa Henderson at mhenderson@wileyc.edu.
  • Financial Aid: Once students have applied for 2020-2021 federal financial aid through https://studentaid.gov/h/apply-for-aid/fafsa, each student will receive an email acknowledging Wiley’s receipt of the application with next steps. Each financial aid counselor will continue to work with students through email and by phone until the financial aid process is complete. Once a student has completed all necessary steps and federal funds have been disbursed to a students’ account, students will receive an email notification. Also, students can review financial aid updates, offer letters, and disbursements through https://mywiley.wileyc.edu/ics. The Office of Financial Aid can be reached via email at finaid@wileyc.edu.

The Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

The Office of Career Services (OCS) will provide all services (with the exception of Career Closet) to students virtually. Students are able to meet with OCS staff via telephone, video conference, or email. The following services and programs will be available virtually:

  • Career Services Templates: Students will have access to various career-focused templates (cover letter, resume, verb assistance, portfolio branding, mapping based on classification) via the Wiley College Career Services page.
  • Jobs & Internships: Students will have access to thousands of jobs and internships via Handshake.
  • Career Resources: Students will have access to hundreds of video resources related to job searching, internships, interviewing, and other career-related articles and blogs.
  • Virtual Events & Workshops: Weekly LIVE videos via the official Wiley College IG page (they will be recorded and housed on CANVAS so that students can reference in the future) related to career professional development topics.
  • Virtual Career/Graduate School Fair
  • Employer Information Sessions: Several employer partners will be hosting virtual information sessions for the upcoming fall semester.

The Office of Student Life and Development will provide virtual programs and services to ensure the continuity of professional progress, social involvement, motivation, and academic self-efficacy. Students will be provided multiple opportunities to build leadership skills by attending virtual workshops and presentations. The Student Government Association will be positioned to remain engaged with the student body in order to properly advocate on their behalf.

The Office of the Dean of Students will be the primary point of contact for non-academic issues such as conduct, course excuses, and online class attendance. Working with academic affairs, the Dean of Students will monitor and provide support for students who are experiencing challenges with the transition to online courses and coursework. The Dean will also work closely with the Office of Financial Aid, as the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeals chair, to ensure the timely processing of all appeals for financial aid.

The Department of Student Health, Counseling, and Wellness is committed to maintaining the overall physical, emotional, and academic wellbeing of our students to provide online and remote instruction throughout the Fall 2020 Semester. The following activities will be implemented to support students’ health and wellness:

  • Virtual medical consultation and psychological support.
  • Virtual academic coaching, tutoring, and engagement.
  • Weekly physical and emotional wellness programming via social media and virtual platforms.
  • “One-Stop” website where students and employees can find all health and safety, emotional, and spiritual wellness resources.

Please continue to monitor your Wiley email, as well as the college’s website and social media platforms for additional updates regarding fall 2020. Stay safe, Wildcats!


The Office of the President