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Welcome to the Facilities Maintenance Work Order Support Services Helpdesk

The Facilities Maintenance mission is to provide high quality and conducive physical environment that is clean, attractive and aesthetically pleasing and supports the learning, teaching, public service, safety and health concerns of the campus community. The department is the campus point of contact for maintenance support services.The Facilities Maintenance Helpdesk web portal is designed to accommodate and help manage facilities services.These requests may be submitted by faculty or staff.

In order to be provided the best possible facilities services, please use this site to submit or check the status of a Facilities Helpdesk Ticket. The best and most efficient method to submit a Facilities Services Request is via this online system. You may “Open a Ticket ” or “Check the Status of a Work Order Ticket” from the selections below.

  1. The department procedure and goal is to acknowledge receipt of a submitted Facilities Helpdesk Ticket within 24 hours and generate a Facilities Helpdesk Ticket and assign it to a maintenance staff member for the work to be performed.
  2. Once the Ticket is assigned, facilities staff will arrange a time for the Work Order to be performed.
  3. The department’s goal is to complete routine Work Orders service within five workdays. If there is an immediate need for work to be performed, the vice president or administrator of the division should state why the work is an emergency or critical. Emergency work orders will receive immediate attention.

The department’s goal is to service Work Order Tickets as soon as possible. Priorities, workload, and costs are all factors that have to be considered in addressing the requests.

We are here to assist and ensure the protection of health, safety, and security of Wiley College property or to prevent damage to property.

Percy Murray
Facilities Maintenance Supervisor

0. Ivan White, Jr.
Director of Administrative Services