Wiley College
Extended Campus-Wide Quarantine
January 20, 2022

Wiley College will extend the campus-wide quarantine posture until February 7, 2022. After reviewing the COVID-19 rates on campus and the local area, we are extending these procedures to continue reduction of the spread of COVID-19 on campus. As a community, we must continue to work together by adhering to our policies and procedures.

To this end, the campus will proceed with the following policies and procedures for the next two weeks (January 23 – February 7, 2022):

  • Classes will continue virtually. Students should contact their professors for continued directions regarding course expectations.
  • Mask wearing is mandatory. Students are subject to suspension for not wearing their masks through the Dean of Students kmwilliams4@wileyc.edu. Employees who do not wear their masks are subject to termination from the College. Please wear your masks in all common areas, when with other persons, and outside when with other persons.
  • Meetings and interactions will continue virtually. Please make appointments to conduct business with campus offices or departments. Please do not drop in to offices.
  • No Visitors or Guests Policy will continue to be in effect. Campus is closed to non-authorized contractors or unofficial guests. All contractors or official guests are required to test prior to reporting to the worksite, at Dogan Hall, through Student Health Services.
  • The physical campus is currently only accessible to residential students (students who live here). Off-campus students who need to access campus must request permission from the Dean of Students kmwilliams4@wileyc.edu to receive clearance and schedule their COVID-19 testing before engaging on campus. If you need to access health services for a COVID-19 test due to having symptoms or exposure concerns, please contact Dr. Lundy rlundy@wileyc.edu immediately.
  • Residential students must stay on campus during the campus-wide quarantine and non-residential students are not allowed on campus without permission from the Dean of Students. Traveling about campus via vehicle is prohibited. Persons who leave campus will not be allowed to return and are subject to suspension. Please do not attempt to sneak off-campus through the gates or parking outside the gates. Contracted security and Wiley College Campus Police and Security will be in various locations throughout campus to enforce adherence to this component of the campus-wide quarantine. If you need to leave campus for work-related or medical-related experiences, you must have approval from the Dean of Students kmwilliams4@wileyc.edu.
  • Students will continue to remain on campus unless they have requested permission for work and health needs. Curfew will begin at MIDNIGHT. All students must be in their residence hall by this time.
  • Wiley College requires all students, faculty, and staff to participate in mandatory and random COVID-19 testing. Please adhere to requests from Student Health Services for testing. Students who are returning to campus will be required to test upon entry and will be placed in isolation for up to 5 days, regardless of a negative test result. Any student who tests positive for COVID-19 should be prepared to enter isolation away from campus.

Limited campus activities will be available with social distancing and capacity protocols as follows:

  • Chapel Service will return to the scheduled in-person posture by alphabet. Details for the Chapel service will be emailed to the campus community. For more information, contact Dean Cecil Duffie cduffie@wileyc.edu.
  • Student organizations may request to host activities through the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management. Contact Jonas Vanderbilt jovanderbilt@wileyc.edu to request permission to host an activity.

We will continue to monitor the rates of COVID-19 on campus and in the local area to provide new updates for the opening of activities, policies, and procedures. We will provide the next update during the week of February 7, 2022.