The Office of

Student Support and Disability Services

Wiley College is committed to providing equal opportunities for qualified students with disabilities to participate in the courses, programs, and activities of the college. The Office of Student Support and Disability Services is the designated office at Wiley College where students with qualifying disabilities can request reasonable accommodations for their courses.

Wiley College has no specific programs for students with disabilities. The appropriate academic support, deemed reasonable and necessary by law, will be provided to students with documented disabilities that have been accepted according to the college’s admissions criteria. No modifications will be made and no substitute courses will be accepted if they would fundamentally alter the nature of the educational program. A requirement that is essential to a degree will not be waived.

Sylvia Frank

Director for Student Support Services and Disability Services
Office: (903) 927-3298 | sfrank@wileyc.edu
Pemberton Complex 128


The mission of the of the Office of Student Support and Disability Services (OSSDS) seeks to promote equal access and educational opportunities for all students with disabilities and serves as a resource for faculty and staff as they work with students who have disabilities.


The Office of Student Support and Disability Services office envisions a universally inclusive College community accessible to all individuals of the campus community; an environment in which all divisions and offices share the responsibility of providing an equal opportunity to students with disabilities; and a community where everyone is recognized for their gifts and abilities to be a contributing member.


Students requesting an accommodation due to a qualifying disability should self- identify within 30 days of admissions and no later than the end of the twelfth-class day of classes by registering with the Office of Student Support and Disability Services (OSSDS), or immediately following a qualifying event occurring after the beginning of the school year. Informing other College offices, faculty, or staff does not constitute registering with the office. Accommodation requests are evaluated individually based on documentation and completion of the registration process.

Documentation Requirements

In order to complete the registration process, you must submit appropriate (within the last 3 years), current documentation related to your disability from a qualified professional. The evaluation/report should be typed on a letterhead, dated and include the practitioner’s name, title, phone/fax, mailing address and signature.

The documentation should include:

  • A diagnostic statement of the disability/medical condition. A diagnosis alone, however, is not sufficiently to support a request for services. The documentation should describe the nature of the disability/medical condition and include an explanation of the current impact of (or functional limitations imposed by) the condition
  • A specific diagnosis and treatment prescribed
  • Medical and educational history related to disability
  • Functional limitations resulting from the impairment
  • Recommended academic and nonacademic accommodation
  • Certain disabilities require specialized evaluations/reports. For example, an identification of a learning disability requires a comprehensive psycho educational assessment; a traumatic brain injury requires neuropsychological assessment

Individualized Education Plans (IEP), 504 Plan, Psychological Evaluation Plans, and Neuropsychological Evaluation Plans are all accepted.

Cost of Documentation

It is the student’s responsibility to cover the costs associated with providing documentation of disability to the Office of Student Support and Disability Services at Wiley College.

Requesting Services

If you have a disability and require an accommodation, registration involves the following steps:

  • Complete an Accommodation Request and submit documentation from your provider to The Office of Student Support Services and Disability Services
  • Once you have completed the accommodation request form, information will be reviewed by the Disabilities Committee
  • Once reviewed, the Director of Student Support and Disability Services will contact you via email to schedule an appointment to discuss approved recommendations
  • At the student’s request and upon receipt of a signed consent form, the appropriate faculty will be notified of recommended specific accommodation(s). The student will then meet with his or her instructors to discuss the accommodation(s).

Accommodations may include:

  • Extended test time
  • Arranging special testing locations
  • Extended time for assignments
  • Tutoring
  • Reduced distractions area
  • Computers for essays
  • Volunteer note-takers
  • Permission to record lectures