Wiley College

Academic Degree Programs

School of Business and Social Sciences

Degree Major Concentration Minor CIP Code
B.B.A Business Administration Accounting Accounting 52.0305
Computer Information Systems Computer Information Systems 52.1201
Management Management 52.0201
Organizational Management 52.0206
A.A. Criminal Justice Criminal Justice 43.0107
B.A. Criminal Justice Psychology 43.0107
B.A. Criminal Justice Administration Social Work 43.0103
Sociology Sociology 42.1101
B.A. English English 23.0101
Religion Religion 38.0201
B.A. Mass Communications Mass Communications 9.0102


School of Education and Sciences

Degree Major Concentration Minor CIP Codes
B.S. Early Childhood Education 13.1210
B.S. Physical Education/Health 13.1314
B.S. Music Education 13.1312
B.S. Interdisciplinary Studies General Education 30.0000
B.S. Biology Biology 26.0101