Campus Safety and Security

For emergencies — dial 9 +911 from your desk top phone.

Dial 711 from any desktop phone on the Wiley College campus to be connected with campus security immediately.

For campus Non-Emergencies, or from cellular devices, please dial (903) 930-1637

Welcome to Wiley College. Wiley’s security department is committed to serving its community with the highest standards. The security department is a professional, full service organization providing security services to all areas of the campus.

Wiley College security department’s primary location is the security booth located at the corner of Wiley Ave. and University, directly across from the Julius S. Scott Chapel. The department is operational 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Security officers utilize three styles of patrol. They are vehicle patrol, golf cart patrol and foot patrol.  It is the mission of the department to patrol the campus in a method adopted by many of the nation’s top law enforcement agencies known as community policing. This style of patrolling allows officers to remain highly visible at all times and also grants accessibility to the officers.

The safety and well-being of the Students, Faculty, Staff and visitors is our number one priority. We understand our role and responsibility when it comes to protecting and preserving peace on the campus. It is a role we take very serious. It is our daily goal to make every individual that crosses this campus feel safe, secure and free from harm. The security department prides itself on working as a team, not only within the department, but also with all employees of Wiley College. With collaboration from the community and other law enforcement agencies, the security department can identify the core functions and essential services that are needed to make Wiley College one of the safest campuses for students to live and learn.

Chief of Security