Our Alumni Spotlight for the month of October shines on Mrs. Lynzey Guidry. Guidry is  a native of Houston, Texas. In 2014, she received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Religion from Wiley College.

Lynzey currently resides in Houston, Texas and proudly walks in her purpose serving as the Director of Youth Ministry at the Gethsemane Campus of St. Luke’s United Methodist Church. Recently, she completed her Master of Divinity from Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. She takes pride in serving as a preacher and motivational speaker. She owns and operates her very own ministry called “Through My Lynz” and also owns a bakery business called Caked Up by Lynz.

Mrs. Guidry’s fondest memories of Wiley College were her visits with Dr. Clayton. She says, “Taking him for a class was a good time in itself, but my friends and I knew the real turn up was in his office because he was so funny.” She recalls the frequent visits to his office in Smith-Nooks where she and her friends would spend hours conversing and cracking jokes. “We never knew what that man was going to say. He was an absolute jewel and I miss him terribly.”

When asked why she felt it important to give back, Lynzey replied, “It’s important for [Wiley] alumni to give back because it ensures that the legacy of Wiley lives on. Almost every Wileyite has a story about how Wiley was a Godsend, a do-over, a saving grace, or how she changed our lives. Others need to be able to experience that for generations to come.”

Lynzey’s motto is “Love God most.” She believes with her whole heart that “When you do that everything else will fall into place.”​​