Wiley College

Print Textbook Requests

Students who are in need of a print textbook in addition to their Cengage Unlimited digital subscription may make the request here. Follow the steps below to determine need and make the request.

Log in to your Cengage Unlimited Account and download digital content including eBooks, online homework, and other resources. After several days of using your eBook and other resources on your phone, tablet, computer, etc., ask yourself: Am I comfortable with the eBook on my phone, tablet, or computer?

If YES – Congratulations! Use your digital subscription.

If NO – Ask yourself: When do I use printed content?

If you use printed content OCCASIONALLY, you may print out homework problems or questions, chapter summaries, learning objectives, digital notes, pages from the eBook, and much more with your Cengage Unlimited subscription. You are able to print pages yourself whenever you want from Cengage.

If you ALWAYS use printed content, Request a print book by clicking the link below and submitting the request. All print book requests must be made before August 16, 2019. You will need your Wiley College email address, Course Name/Number, and Textbook Title/Author from your instructor’s course syllabus. Print books ordered on August 16 will arrive by August 26.