The School of

Social Sciences & Humanities

The Division of Social Sciences & Humanities is the largest academic division at Wiley College, with three of the most popular (as perceived by enrollment numbers) majors: Criminal Justice, Sociology, and Mass Communications.

The Division offers the Associate of Arts degree in Criminal Justice, Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice, English, History, Mass Communications, Religion, Sociology, and Spanish. Students are encouraged to follow the curriculum guides included in the Catalog for each major.

Dr. Bernadette Bruster

Dean of Social Sciences & Humanities
Office: (903) 927-3374 |

Academic Departments

Criminal Justice
Mass Communications


The mission of the Division of Social Sciences & Humanities is to assist students in acquiring proficiency in listening, critical thinking, speaking, reading and writing while cultivating an appreciation for various cultures and cultural differences and becoming competent in a chosen major in one or more of the disciplines offered within this division.


The goals of the Division of Social Sciences & Humanities are to:

  • align its offerings with the overall goals of the College to effect the intellectual, moral, and physical development of students;
  • assist students to develop essential skills for effective communication and expressions that include sound, critical, analytical reasoning, and problem-solving skills;
  • provide the appropriate opportunities for learning and experience for students to become competent in the knowledge and competencies expected from a college graduate in their specific major field of study;
  • equip students with the appropriate academic prerequisites for admission to graduate and/or professional schools;
  • promote a spirit of service and responsibility among students to their community and the broader society in which they live;
  • help students acquire, understand, and develop a global perspective that appreciates the value of different cultures and languages including their own.