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The Division of Sciences houses the major departments of Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics. This grouping of related fields serves both the students and faculty by simulating collaboration and team- teaching in the aforementioned disciplines as well as, outside of the division. Bachelor of Science degrees are offered in Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Minors are also offered in each program area. The Division of Sciences also serves the College as a whole by offering general education courses in mathematics, biology, and physics courses in mathematics.

Dr. Brooke Woodard

Dean of Science
Office: (903) 927-3248 |

Academic Departments


Department of Biology

The required major and support courses prepare the biology major for numerous opportunities for employment. Graduates are prepared for careers in industry, sales and research, government, and education. Graduates are also prepared for entry into graduate programs in biology and professional schools in public health, medicine, dentistry, allied health sciences and related areas such as pharmacy, medical technology, nursing, physician’s assistant, biotechnology, and forensics.

The goals of the Department of Biology are to:

  • To prepare biology majors for graduate studies in biology;
  • To prepare biology majors for entry into professional programs such as medicine, dentistry, environmental studies, biotechnology, and allied health.

To prepare students who seek a teaching certificate in life science to pass the Texas Examinations of Educator Standards (TExES) which is required for educator licensure in the state of Texas.

Department of Chemistry


Chemistry is the driving force that engineers the activities of modern technology. Students who pursue this major acquire a broad background in chemistry which prepares them for careers in Chemistry, or graduate and professional school.  Chemists are found throughout industry—for example, agriculture (food generation and quality), pharmaceuticals (drug design, synthesis, and clinical testing), biomedical, proteomics and genetic engineering. Chemists serve as teachers and researchers in other areas such as engineering, space exploration, atmospheric and environmental control programs, and as technologists in hospitals and environmental laboratories.

The goals of the Department of Chemistry are to:

  • Prepare chemistry majors for graduate studies in chemistry;
  • Prepare chemistry majors for work and practice as professional chemists; and

Offer services to other disciplines, including pre-medicine, pre-dentistry, and biochemistry, a functional understanding of chemistry.

Department of Mathematics


The Department of Mathematics provides its majors and all others it serves with a firm foundation in computation, comprehension, and logical reasoning. The department provides students an opportunity to understand and appreciate mathematics and to use their knowledge intelligently and efficiently. It also provides a foundation in mathematics that prepares them for careers and/or graduate studies in their fields of specialization.



The goals of the Department of Mathematics are to:

  • Graduates in mathematics will be proficient in using technology to solve problems in mathematics.
  • Graduates will be able to deploy the requisite scientific and technical skills acquired in the department to function in a professional environment.
  • Graduates will be well prepared to become gainfully employed. Graduates in mathematics will demonstrate a depth of understanding and skills to analyze and solve problems in mathematics.

Graduates in education specializing in the teaching of high school mathematics will be prepared to pass the content examination for teacher certification in Texas.

  • School of Sciences Faculty

    Last Name First Name Title School Department
    Al-Agha Khaled Associate Professor Sciences Mathematics
    Aranwela Gamage Sanath Hemantha Assistant Professor Sciences Chemistry
    Berhane Kiflu Associate Professor Sciences Biology
    Graves Xavier Other Sciences Student Success Center
    John Stuart Professor Sciences Chemistry
    Kandel Narayan Assistant Professor Sciences Biology
    Warar Seema Instructor Sciences Mathematics
    Woodard Brooke Associate Professor Sciences Chemistry