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The Spanish Education program (EC-12) is designed to support the College’s mission to provide a liberal arts education with a global focus. This mission is implemented in four different ways: (a) exposing every graduate to at least six credit hours of training in a chosen foreign language and its culture, (b) preparing, in collaboration with the Division of Education, future teachers with the Bachelor of Science degree in education to achieve Teacher Certification by the State of Texas, (c) facilitating the rapid transition of foreign language speakers through programs of English as a Second Language, and (d) preparing graduates with the Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish (major or minor) who are capable of pursuing graduate degrees in Spanish or who are sufficiently fluent in a second language to complement their marketability as bilingual speakers in their chosen profession. The purpose of this program is to assist Wiley College students to progressively become bilingual citizens. The department meets its goals through innovation and adoption of effective methods for teaching languages.



The Spanish Department seeks to provide a premier education in the Spanish language skills and Hispanic cultures and literature. It expects its graduates to be able to interact successfully with native Spanish speakers and their communities anywhere in the world. The department provides students with rigorous teaching-learning approaches to achieve linguistic competence at each level of proficiency (elementary, intermediate, advanced, and superior) as defined by the American Council on Teaching Foreign Languages (ACTFL). Students are encouraged to study abroad for at least one semester for greater immersion in the culture and use of the Spanish language. The students completing this program may elect to pursue graduate degrees in Spanish or enter a profession or occupation where bilingual skills are required and advantageous for marketability.


General Degree Requirements

General Education Requirements 45 Semester Hours

Departmental Requirements 12 Semester Hours

Major Field of Study 48 Semester Hours

 Directed Electives 18 Semester Hours

Total Semester Hours 123


Requirements for Admission

The following are required for admission to the Spanish Department; students:

1. Must declare a major or minor in Spanish.

2. Must have a GPA of at least 2.0.

Graduation Requirements

To earn a B.A. degree in Spanish, students must complete the following requirements:

1. Earn a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above.

2. Meet all general education requirements as specified in the catalog.

3. Meet all college requirements for graduation as specified in the catalog.

4. Take the department’s Senior Comprehensive Examination.

5. Enroll in GEEP each semester in attendance and receive a “P” grade.

6. Complete an application for graduation, and secure the approval of the advisor and the dean of the Division Social Sciences and Humanities.


Credits by Spanish Placement Test

If a student passes the listening, speaking, reading, and writing components of the Spanish Placement Test, and successfully completes one additional course at or above the 2307 course level, the student, upon payment of a specified fee (see Special Fees in Catalog), may challenge the credit by examination (CLEP) for SPAN 2301, SPAN 2302 and SPAN 2305. If the student achieves the stipulated passing score, the lead professor of the department submits the appropriate documentation to the Registrar’s Office to record a grade of “P” (Passing) for the afore mentioned three courses.



Students completing a minor in Spanish are expected to develop skills in understanding, speaking, reading and writing in the target language to function in a Spanish-speaking environment. The minor in Spanish consists of eighteen (18) credit hours. If a student passes the listening, speaking, reading and writing parts of the Spanish Placement Test and successfully completes one additional course at or above the 2307 course level, the student may be given credit by examination for SPAN 2301 and SPAN 2302. A minimum of four courses, beyond the SPAN 2303 Elementary Spanish Conversation must be taken at Wiley College. The student should contact the Spanish Department for further information.



Mrs. Sinia B. Harris


Office: Thirkield Hall 224B

Phone: (903) 923-1258

E-mail: [email protected]


Adjunct Faculty

Mrs. Sandra Herron

E-mail: [email protected]