Department of Sociology


Mission Statement:

The Department of Sociology at Wiley College provides premier educational opportunities for diverse East Texas, national and global communities by offering comprehensive sociology curricula and a passion for the success of every individual student. It provides its students with rigorous and intellectually grounded understanding of the social world by assisting them in learning to "think sociologically" as they define, analyze, and understand human behavior. 


Contact Person: Ms. Faye Anderson

Administrative Assistant for Social Science/Humanities

Thirkhield  Hall RM 216      


[email protected]


Lead Instructor:  Rolande Dathis, PhD


Major Degrees Offered:  BA in Sociology


Minor areas:  Psychology, Social Work, and Sociology            


Departmental Duty-Assignments  (To view the assignments click here.)

Each professor/instructor in the department has a primary responsibility of teaching and managing their courses and administering their classes as well as advising assigned students.  The following are additional activities from the departmental level for a smooth running of the Department of Sociology.

Full-time Faculty:

Rolande Dathis                      [email protected]

Pamela Balfour                      [email protected]

Adjunct Faculty:                   

Daniel Nyachuba                    [email protected]

Malcolm Drewery                    [email protected]

Sandra Murry                          [email protected]

MaryAnne Candley                 [email protected]

Sharon Green                         [email protected]