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Dr. Bernadatte L. Bruster, Dean of Arts & Sciences

Brooke Woodard, Ph.D., Chair of Sciences
Aaron Baker Science 104

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The Department of Sciences is a sub-division of the Division of Arts & Sciences. Students are encouraged to follow the curriculum guides included in this Catalog and are expected to understand that completing a degree program successfully may take more than four years. 


The Sciences sub-division is designed to stimulate the collaboration and team-teaching approach by faculty and the interest of students, not only in their chosen major, but also in related disciplines within and outside this academic area. This academic area also houses a developing teaching and research center of excellence focused on minority health affairs. This center seeks to strengthen the research capabilities of faculty and students at Wiley College and to provide opportunities for the creation of knowledge and advanced learning experiences. Goals include making significant contributions towards improving the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases affecting minorities disproportionately and training under-represented minorities in the spectrum of health sciences professions.


The goals of the Sciences sub-division are to:

Integrate the offerings of the Division with the overall objectives of the institution in an effort to effect sound intellectual, moral, and physical development of its students; and to promote within them a spirit of service to their community and to the broader society in which they live;

Help students develop sound, critical and analytical reasoning skills;

Provide the academic prerequisites needed by students in the sciences to prepare them for entry into graduate school or allied health sciences such a dentistry, medicine, nursing, biomedical engineering, biochemistry, and pharmacy; and

Prepare the students for advanced work in their chosen field.


Department of Biology 

Department of Chemistry 

Department of Mathematics 


If you are interested in majoring in one of the Sciences sub-division fields, please contact the appropriate professor listed below:

Khaled Al-Agha, Ph.D., Lead Professor of Mathematics
[email protected]

Kiflu Berhane, Ph.D., Lead Professor of Biology
[email protected]

John Stuart, Ph.D., Lead Professor of Chemistry
[email protected]