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Registrar's Office

The Unit of Student Records places service to students and faculty first among its priorities, recognizing these persons as the office’s primary constituency. As primary information resource for students and faculty, this office actively seeks ways to effectively communicate and to inform students of their rights, responsibilities and procedures.

Acting as a watcher and conscience for the College, this office balances the perceived interests of the university administration and its own constituents to ensure that policies and procedures are fully executed in a manner that is compassionate and sensitive to the needs of those the University seeks to serve.

The Unit of Student Records pledges to be an exemplary model within the college for service and execution of duty. The highest quality of service is sought through the performance of its staff in accordance with the values articulated in the Ethics of the Unit of Student Records.



​Please complete the following steps to secure classes:

  1. Enter classes through your JICS account
  2. Ensure your advisor approves your schedule.
  3. Check in with the Unit of Student Records on August 24, 2014.

If not, secured classes will be deleted and late registration fees

of $111.00 per course will be applied.

Questions? Contact the Wiley College Unit of Student Records at

903-927-3215 or

​ ​Important Dates:
Fall 2014 on-campus classes beginAugust 26
Online classes begin Tues after Labor DaySeptember 2
Last day to add/drop classesSeptember 11
Midterm exams administeredOctober 13-15
Midterm grades submittedOctober 22
Final day to withdraw from a class with a "W" gradeOctober 24
Last class dayDecember 9
Final exams administeredDecember 10-12
Final grades submittedDecember 19

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Registrar's Office: