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Meet the Chaplain

Rev. Tori Butler was born and raised by her mother Coretha "Coty" Corry in Baltimore, MD. Coty taught her that education is of great importance and would be the passport to her future. She would often tell her, "If you are bored, go read a book. It can take you wherever you want to go." Coty's encouragement in education translated in Tori being the first person in her peer group ―from her neighborhood― to graduate with a college degree. Tori received a BA in History and International Relations from McDaniel College in Westminster, MD. She received her call to ministry following a semester abroad in Argentina. Initially, she did not know what she was called to do; but, as the old song says, "Something's gotta a hold of me and it must be the Spirit of the Lord."  She followed the Spirit of the Lord to The Divinity School at Duke University. It was at Duke where she was afforded the opportunity to serve in various ministry capacities:  from a parachurch organization in Brazil to a multicultural church in Durham, NC to a non-profit on Capitol Hill. It was through these experiences that she felt a strong call to the pastorate, to be the balm of Gilead to all people regardless of race or socio-economic background. She graduated from Duke with a Master of Divinity in 2010.

Following graduation, she took a huge leap of faith and moved to Orange, TX where she served as the first African-American program staff member at First United Methodist Church of Orange.  As the Director of Outreach and Discipleship Ministries, Tori had the unique opportunity to serve as a bridge between the predominately Anglo church and the African-American community around it. She helped build a foundation for First Orange to truly be the local church in mission.  

Rev. Tori Butler served as the Associate Pastor of Bellaire United Methodist Church in Bellaire, Texas a suburb of Houston.  In this position, she had the opportunity to lead the international worship service, to organize mission projects, to start a women's ministry, to provide pastoral care for the sick and homebound, in addition to equipping laity to serve in various ministries of the church. At Bellaire, Tori grew as an individual and as a pastor. She is forever grateful for the lessons she learned there.

Currently Tori is appointed as the Chaplain at Wiley College. In this position she has the opportunity to lead young people into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. She is able to encourage them to acknowledge and accept their divine call and purpose. She works diligently to be a bridge between the Word and the world. Her hope is to bring spiritual awareness and to introduce the community to the transformative power of the Holy Spirit. She prays that God would use her to raise up a new generation of Christians that are on fire for Christ and want to be about their heavenly Father's business.

Tori's calling was affirmed by the Texas Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church in May of 2014 when she was ordained as an elder in full connection. Rev. Tori Butler is currently the youngest African-American female ordained in the Texas Annual Conference.

Rev. Butler is passionately in love with her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. She seeks to honor Him in everything that she does. Her goal in life is to be his hands and feet in the world. She sincerely prays that God will use her as a prophet, teacher, preacher, activist, evangelist, counselor, shouter, and dancer all for the glory of God.