Request for Use of Building/Room

Administrative Services is responsible for Building Requests.  Student Affairs approves the activity; however, Administrative Services is responsible for approving the use of the facility.  The requests are to be received in the Administrative Services office ten (10) days prior to the proposed event.

External Building requests are handled by the Director of Administrative Services.  The office number is 903-927-3384. 


Keys and Locks

The Facilities Maintenance Department maintains a master file of keys intended primarily for duplication purposes and to permit routine access to facilities by the custodial and maintenance personnel.  All keys are the property of Wiley College and the duplication of keys to College facilities by any persons, agency or company other than facilities management and operations is prohibited.  The responsibility for determining the need for keys furnished to building occupants rests with the major area supervisor.  A Key Requisition Card must be approved and submitted to the department for issuance of key(s).  When exiting the College, all keys must be returned to Facilities Maintenance.

Requests for lock changes, additional building keys, as well as, requests for keys for departmental equipment such as lockers, filing cabinets, desks and most padlock keys, must be submitted on the Key Requisition Card (see Appendix A).  In the event that a key cannot be cut at Facilities Maintenance, authorization to go elsewhere to have the key duplicated must be given by the appropriate vice president and the Director of Administrative Services.

In the event keys are lost or stolen, the employee should immediately notify the department head, Facilities Maintenance and College Security.  The cost of replacing key(s) or lock(s) will be borne by the personnel or student and not the College.



Elevators are maintained by a contract service approved by the Facilities Maintenance Department.  For elevator emergency or maintenance requests, contact the Facilities Maintenance Department at extension 3228.  For any other questions or concerns, call Administrative Services at extension 3384.