Department of Religon


Departmental Mission and Goals


The mission of the Department of Religion at Wiley College is to produce graduates who exhibit intellectual excellence and professional competence blended with a devotion and service to God and humanity. The Department seeks to strengthen the relationship between the College and The United Methodist Church in an effort to addresss social responsibility and involvement in the revitalization of the community; to prepare women and men for entry into seminary and graduate school in order to pursue ministry and other church careers. This is achieved by providing intellectually stimulating courses, the depth, objectivity and methodology of which inculcate spiritual, ethical and moral development and global awareness.


Objectives of the program in religion include the following:

  • Graduates of the baccalaureate program in religion will be able to demonstrate a depth of understanding and skills in their major field.
  • Baccalaureate graduates of the religion program will find employment in their field of specialization or closely related fields.
  • Graduates of the religion program will be qualified to gain admission to graduate or professional schools.
  • Baccalaureate graduates of the religion program will will possess the requisite social and cultural skills required to function in a professional environment.

Program Overview
Wiley College offers a Bachelor of Arts degree and a minor in Religion. The department trains students in the skills of critical thinking and development of religious and ethical values. That training includes an interdisciplinary focus and a global awareness grounded on a kaleidoscope of interests within the study of religion. Areas of interest include history, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, science, literature, politics, ethics, music and sacred theater. Our interdisciplinary approach utilizes skills and methodologies drawn from various disciplines within the Division of Arts & Sciences. It inculcates contemporary approaches to the academic study of religion and faith in guiding students into the examination of the major religious traditions with a view to understanding how they influence the lives of those who follow them and how they relate to Christian faith and practice.

Internship Opportunities

  • SUMMER YOUTH INTERN: Texas Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church.
  • SUMMER MISSION TRIPS: Student teach orphans at various children's orphanages in and around Nairobi, Kenya.
  • PROJECT TRANSFORMATION: Through our affiliation with The United Methodist Church and as part of the AmeriCorps program, Project Transformation offers internships in After-school / Summer Programming and other Church Involvement. Project Transformation invests in the spiritual development of each intern, opening their eyes to the needs and opportunities for ministry.


Career Opportunities
Students who participate in this curriculum will be prepared to pursue graduate studies and will have the ethical and moral education to pursue a variety of careers such as church ministries, hospitality businesses, criminal justice, and law. Along with spiritual awareness, both ethical and philosophical questions will be addressed, thus preparing the individual for academic rigor in their chosen field.

General Degree Requirements

Courses Needed to Satisfy the Program Requirements

​Course Semester Hours
​Advanced English Composition ​3
​Introduction to Computing ​3
​Critical Reading and Writing ​3
​Biblical Perspectives ​3
​Total Semester Hours ​12

Major Courses

​Introduction to the Hebrew Bible ​3
​History of Christianity ​3
​World Religions ​3
​Theory & Method in Religious Studies ​3
​Introduction to Christian Theology ​3
​Sociology of Religion ​3
​Introduction to the New Testament ​3
​Biblical Theology Seminar ​3
​Environmental Ethics ​3
​Christian Ethics ​3
​Creative and Critical Thinking in Religion ​​3
​Exegesis of the Old Testament orExegesis of the New Testament ​3
​Total Semester Hours ​36


Courses for a Minor in Religion

​Introduction to the Hebrew Bible ​3
​History of Christianity ​3
​Theory & Method in Religious Studies ​3
​Sociology of Religion ​3
​World Religions ​3
​Introduction to the New Testament ​3
​Total Semester Hours ​18