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Lead Professor: Khaled Al-Agha, Ph.D.

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The Department of Mathematics provides its majors and all others it serves a firm foundation in computation, comprehension, and logical reasoning. The Department provides an opportunity (to its students) to understand and appreciate mathematics and to use their knowledge intelligently and efficiently. It also provides a foundation in mathematics that prepares them for careers and/or graduate studies in their fields of specialization. The Bachelor of Science degree is awarded to students who complete the outlined program of study and meet all the requirements of the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Sciences sub-division. Students may receive a minor in mathematics by completing the required number of courses. The Department also offers two (non-credit) preparation courses in mathematics for students who have deficiencies in their basic mathematical skills in order to meet the entrance requirements for college level courses.

The mathematics programs provides its graduates with a high degree of mathematical or computer skills. It prepares them to become teachers, enter graduate and/or professional schools become practicing professionals in industry or government, or any field that requires intelligent and efficient application of mathematical concepts and skills. Majors in mathematics are employed in varied fields which include engineering, business, medicine, teaching, scientific fields, etc., as cost estimators, computer servicing technicians and developers of hardware and software, research assistants in monetary policy, data managers in environmental programs, actuaries, management consultants, teachers, stock brokers, etc.


The objectives of the program in mathematics include the following:

  • Graduates with a degree in mathematics will be prepared to pursue graduate opportunities in their respective major.
  • Graduates in mathematics will be proficient in using technology to solve problems in mathematics.
  • Graduates will be able to deploy the requisite scientific and technical skills acquired in the department to function in a professional environment.
  • Graduates will be well prepared to become gainfully employed. Graduates in mathematics will demonstrate a depth of understanding and skills to analyze and solve problems in mathematics.
  • Graduates in education specializing in the teaching of high school mathematics will be prepared to pass the content examination for teacher certification in Texas.


If you are interested in majoring in mathematics, please contact the appropriate professor listed below:

Khaled Al-Agha, Ph.D., Lead Professor of Mathematics
[email protected]

Rhunzhou Liu, Ph.D., Asst. Professor of Mathematics
[email protected]

Seema Warar, M.S., Instructor of Mathematics
[email protected]

Zeng, Xiaoqi, Ph.D., Asst Professor of Mathematics
[email protected]