Department of Mass Communications

Mission Statement:

The Department of Mass Communications at Wiley College provides practical, theoretical, and ethical skills necessary for students to compete and lead in a diverse and highly technological society. The department provides its students with quality education through an exciting curriculum that focuses on hands-on preparation and teaches students  how to be critical thinkers who are competent in speaking, writing, editing, and communicating information in a digital environment.

Contact Person: Ms. Faye Anderson

Administrative Assistant for Division of Arts & Sciences

Thirkhield  Hall RM 216      


[email protected]

Lead Professor:  Jeffrey B. Hedrick, Ph.D.

Major Degrees Offered:  BA in Mass Communications

Minor areas:  Mass Communications            

Full-time Faculty:

Jeffrey Hedrick, Ph.D.                      [email protected]
316 Thirkield Hall                             903-923-1657

Mehrnaz Rahimi, Ph.D.                   [email protected]u
224A Thirkield Hall                          903-923-1250

Ashik Shafi, Ph.D.                           [email protected]
224C Thirkield Hall                          903-923-2479

Adjunct Faculty:      Mass Communications and Speech                

Carol A. Hicks                           [email protected]

Candace Dominique               [email protected]

James Perez                           [email protected]