List of Majors

Below are the list of majors offered at Wiley College along with their respective Classification of Instructional Program (CIP) codes.  For more information regarding the Academic Divisions and each major, visit the Academics page

Abbreviation Code Majors/Minors CIP Code
ACCT Accounting 52.0301
BACCT Business Administration: Accounting 52.0305
BCIS Business Admin: Computer Inform Systems 52.1201
BHTA Business Administration:Hospitality & Tourism Adm 52.0901
BIO Biology 26.0101
BOMG Business Administration: Organizational Management 52.0206
BUADM Business Administration. Management 52.0201
CHE Chemistry 40.0599
CJADM Criminal Justice: Criminal Justice Administration 43.0103
CRJU Criminal Justice 43.0107
CRMAA Criminal Justice (Associate of Arts Degree) 43.0107
ECE Early Childhood-4 Education  
ECH Early Childhood Education 13.1210
EDMU Music Education (All Levels) 13.1312
ELED Elementary Education 13.1202
ENG English 23.0101
HIS History 54.0101
INTDA Interdisciplinary Studies - Adult 30.0000
INTDS Interdisciplinary Studies - Traditional 30.0000
MASCO Mass Communications 09.0102
MATH Mathematics 27.0301
PEEDU Physical Education and Health (All Levels) 13.1314
RELG Religion 38.0201
SEBIO Secondary Education:Biology 13.1322
SECLS Secondary Education:Life Science (8-12) 13.1322
SECPE Secondary Education:Physical Education 13.1314
SECSP Spanish Education (All Levels) 13.1330
SEELA Secondary Education:English/Language Arts & Reading 13.1305
SEHIS Secondary Education:History 13.1328
SEMTH Secondary Education:Math 13.1311
SOC Sociology 45.1101
SOCWK Social Work Minor  
SPA Spanish 16.0905
EDM Middle Grades Education (4-8) 13.1203
MUEMN Music Education Minor