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     As with Dr. Henry Hudson in 1910, reading and research are very important in the history profession.  This is why, most likely, he aided in building the Carnegie Library.  And, in that tradition, Wiley's History Department represents a group of faculty that believe in excellence and quality learning. The department is very focused on shaping our curriculum to reflect a very practical application of the discipline in the twenty-first century.  It is the expectation of faculty and administration that when students graduate with this major, they will have skills that make them standout in the job market.  And, that no matter the state of the economy, they will be able to work in digital mediums to produce historic projects; participate in important archiving at museums and libraries; write articles and blogs that attract positive attention; or move on to graduate school and either teach or become attorneys at the top of their profession.   

     It is with these expectations, the History Department faculty press students to stretch themselves to learn at a higher level to develop their critical analysis and snythesis skills to become excellent writers and researchers.  When students reach this important goal, we encourage them to explore the new realm of Digital Humanities and all the practical ways that narratives, primary source data, and technology come together to represent history.  History that researchers around the world will be able to use in their work for writing community studies, biographies, and in doing important historic preservation projects.  

    Those that are new students to Wiley College, who choose history as their major, will find that we have standards that will rival any college around the country.   They will also find, that our teaching staff are passionate about history.  We want students of all levels to develop and love reading and not just see history as a series of facts and dates, but as the opportunity to re-walk through past epochs with lenses colored by the past lives of people.  It is the lives of the general populace of the past, that influence our lives today.   

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Becoming a History Major At Wiley College    

  • If you are a perspective student that would like to be a major in history at Wiley College and learn the new career pathways that will prepare you for a bright furture, as either an attorney, teacher, or practicing historian, contact: 

Wiley College, Office of Admissions and Recruitment at (903) 927-3311.  To Request Information, send an e-mail to - [email protected]

  • If you would like to speak directly to someone in the History Department contact Sammy Ahmed at 903-927-3251 or email at [email protected]

Wiley has a Proud History as a School that has Lasted One Hundred and Forty-Four Years!

If you want to take a look into your future work in the History Department and be a graduate like the dressmakers pictured here, from 1903,  our degree plan  requirements and a printable digital brochure are below:

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Meet Wiley's History Department Faculty










In Person Faculty

Sammy Ahmed, Lead
Pemberton 108
[email protected]

Raymond Fogg, instructor
Pemberton 102
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Jay Carriker Adjunct
Pemberton 106
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Adjunct Faculty Online

Dr. Alexander Marriott

Professor Stanley Statser

Professor Tonja Washington

Mr. Aaron Dilday


Internships for History Department Majors

     At Wiley College, practical experience and relevant training are a tradition, as the photographers prove from 1947.  It is the college's intention to train our history students in a practical manner, where they get true experience actively working in the craft.  As a department, each spring semester, we create a list of museums, historical societies, and libraries that offer both paid and unpaid internships.  We hope that our students will gain valuable experience, networking opportunities, exposure to colleagues, and life long high standards that will shape their future goals and help them achieve excellence.  If you click on anyone of these links, you will be taken directly to an internship opportunity at a location across the United States.  If you are an interested Wiley College history major, please contact the department at the email or phone number listed above before applying.

If you would like to know more about the International Center of Photography(ICP), where the 1947 image of Eugene Roquemore is included as part of ICP's digital archive, click on the stamp. 

Internship List 


What is Happening Now In the History Department

     Just recently, Wiley College, titlte sponsor, and the history department in conjunction with Reverand Steve Miller's organization, United Christian Leadership, and nine other HBCUs in the consortium, with Baylor University's Oral History Center, participated in the  Truth & Reconciliation Oral History Project .  The focus of the project's collection of oral history is healing the hearts and minds of those that have faced racism in the state of Texas.  In the world of history, it has been found that the sharing of narratives by people of color concerning racism has unleashed inspirational energy that has influenced the hearts and minds of interviewers, interviewees, and those who see the videos.  In Houston, Texas, at Texas Southern University, where the first oral history collection of narratives took place, eight of Wiley College's finest students made President Strickland proud.  They left a lasting impression on all those they interviewed and colleagues they networked with at the event.  

     In fact, Dr. Jame Jones III, noted African Americanist from Praire View A&M University, wrote an article about three of Wiley's outstanding students.  The history department likes to think of all eight participants as outstanding, but these three are intellectuals that will be great scholars in the future.  


Wiley in the 1940s


Important Websites of Historic Significance

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National Museum of African American

History & Culture

Pritzker Military Museum & Library

Marshall, Texas Michelson Museum