Department of English

Explore Our Courses from literature and technical writing to composition and basic English, our faculty provide you with a world of options to explore the world's great literature, fine tune your writing skills and equip you with the tools necessary for academic and professional success. Whether you are an English or communications major, or just taking our courses to satisfy your degree requirements, we offer you a range of options to tailor your collegiate experience to your own goals and desires.

Sarah Honeycutt, Lead Professor of English
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231 Thirkield Hall



Front Row (left to right): Jordana Hall, Bernadette Bruster, Sarah Honeycutt, Barbara Clayton

Back Row (left to right): Solomon Masenda (retired), Robert Hamilton, Jereme Skinner (left Wiley), Lateef Leffall

Career Opportunities for English Majors English majors with strong language skills should be able to find employment in several career fields, including public relations, sales, writing for radio and/or television, editing, publishing, information coordination, lobbying, community affairs, broadcasting, journalism, and teaching. The degree in English also prepares students for graduate school and is an especially desirable foundation for the study of law.