Department of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry

Lead Professor: John Stuart, Ph.D.


Chemistry is the driving force that engineers the activities of modern technology. Students who pursue this major acquire a broad background in chemistry which prepares them for the world of work or graduate and professional school.  The principles and practical aspects of chemistry are ubiquitous and seem to propel life and human activities for the good. Chemists are found throughout industry—for example, agriculture (food generation and quality), pharmaceuticals (drug design, synthesis, and clinical testing), biomedical, proteomics and genetic engineering. Chemists serve as teachers and researchers in other areas such as engineering, space exploration, atmospheric and environmental control programs, and as technologists in hospitals and environmental laboratories.


The goals of the Department of Chemistry are to:

  • Prepare chemistry majors for graduate studies in chemistry;
  • Prepare chemistry majors for work and practice as professional chemists; and
  • Offer services to other disciplines, including pre-medicine, pre-dentistry, and biochemistry, a functional understanding of chemistry.


If you are interested in majoring in chemistry, please contact the appropriate professor listed below:

John Stuart, Ph.D., Lead Professor of Chemistry
[email protected]

Brooke Woodard, Ph.D. Chair of Sciences and Mathematics
[email protected]

Dr. Hermantha Aranwela-Gamage, Asst. Professor of Physics
[email protected]